Daniil Medvedev revealed the most important match in his career

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Daniil Medvedev revealed the most important match in his career

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev said that the victory over Novak Djokovic in the final of the US Open was the most important he had achieved in his career and added that he had a hard time losing to Pablo Carreño Busta in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games.

Medvedev won his first Grand Slam title this season, as he stopped Djokovic in the finals of the calendar Grand Slam in the finals in New York. "There is no doubt that the final match against Djokovic was the most important in my career.

I feel that I went through the complete process until that moment, I gained experience, learned a lot from defeat, and found my style of play." "This was a very successful year for me, even though there were difficult periods, "said Daniil, and revealed which defeat was the most painful for him last season.

"I had a hard time losing to Pablo Carreño Busta at the Olympics. I really wanted to win a medal in Tokyo, so I'm disappointed with the elimination in the quarterfinals."


Medvedev ended the year by winning the Davis Cup with the Russian team.

At the final tournament in Madrid, he was again in 'conflict' with the audience. "I prefer when they cheer for me than when they boo at me. Yes, there are moments when I don't behave very nicely, but that's me.

People see that I don't want to deceive anyone, I don't pretend. There is nothing false in me. Tennis fans know that " The Russian is looking forward to the new season as the second tennis player in the world after Djokovic.

Asked how much the departure of the Big Three will affect tennis as a sport, he replied: "The departure of the Big Three will be a big deal. But they are still strong, winning big tournaments. Although, history seems to be repeating itself."

"When Boris Becker and Ivan Lendl ended their careers, everyone wondered what the future of tennis would look like." "Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi replace them. I mean, there are always new champions. Of course, Roger, Novak, and Rafa have broken all records, but I'm sure there will be new heroes who will make people fall in love with tennis."

And of course, we have to agree with Medvedev. Although there is still no one in the new generation who can be said to be the successor to the Big Three, it is not impossible for him to appear soon, although the competition between Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic is something that will always be remembered.