Zverev: "Peng Shuai? Dictatorships still exist"

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Zverev: "Peng Shuai? Dictatorships still exist"

The tennis world has experienced a particular case in recent months concerning the Chinese tennis player Shuai Peng. The woman accused the former Chinese deputy premier of violence last November and numerous controversies broke out around her with the WTA worried about her condition and the tennis player who literally disappeared for several weeks.

During the last days, Peng came back to talk, sensationally denying and even talking about a simple misunderstanding. The tennis player's version continues to not be appreciated by the WTA, worried about the tennis player's condition.

The number 3 in the world Alexander Zverev has been accused in recent months of a complicated situation, when his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova has accused him of beatings and even the ATP has opened an investigation into it.

Sascha talked about the situation of Peng to the microphones of ZDF SportStudio and he did not go down lightly: "We are in 2021 and both in Germany and in the rest of the world we think that things like this no longer happen.

Peng's issue shows that dictatorship is still a thing in our world and the only thing I can say is that she can play tennis soon and get back on the Tour." ATP did not take, therefore a different situation compared to the behavior of the WTA.

The German said: "I'm not a politician, I don't know exactly what is happening and in general all of us tennis players don't know. I hope that at some point this situation will be totally shed light on and that maybe the ATP will tell us something about it that is."

Recently Zverev also spoke of the investigation to which the ATP submitted him for what concerns the case of Olga Sharypova: "I am happy that sooner or later all this will end. I was told that it is shortly and it will not take much time.

I was among the first to tell the ATP to open an investigation to clarify these allegations against me."

Maria Sharapova and the importance of money in her life

It has been a long time since the former Russian tennis champion Maria Sharapova said goodbye to tennis, but the beautiful former athlete continues to be talked about and earns thanks to a new and enlightening career as an entrepreneur.

Before winning everything in the world of tennis and earning a lot of money Maria lived a difficult life and repeatedly reminded us that as a child it was not easy for her. During a recent interview on the Sports Business Radio podcast, the former world number one opened up and recalled the situation of her family who moved from Russai to the United States.

Maria's father, Yuri, moved to Florida with just $ 700 when Sharapova was only 7 years old. In 2020, Forbes estimated Sharapova's net worth at $ 200 million, and the tennis player talked about the role her money played in her career.

Here are her words: "I don't mean that I was only thinking about money, but I was thinking about the accessibility it gave. Now sometimes I think about it and I understand how proud I am to have been able to provide for me and my family.

This result gives you a sense of security, it is important to know that I can look after their health and I can make them happy and know that they are fine." After the retirement from tennis Maria has become a careful investor, betting part of her earnings in important investments, mostly innovative companies.

The Russian revealed: "I think I understand what my strengths or weaknesses are, I told myself I knew my limits and I worked in investments." Sharapova has focused on fitness and wellness technology startups such as Therabody or Tonal.

In addition to this she has long been launched in the candy brand fome Sugarpova while in private life she is now in the process of getting married to British businessman Alexander Gilkes.