Carlos Moya and Belinda Bencic positive for the virus

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Carlos Moya and Belinda Bencic positive for the virus

Rafael Nadal is back on the court at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. The Spaniard was forced to miss Wimbledon, the Tokyo Olympics and the US Open due to left foot problems that prevented him from performing to the best of his ability starting at the Roland Garros.

After the two games he lost during the famous exhibition tournament, the Mallorcan unfortunately tested positive at COVID-19 and raised the alarm in view of the next edition of the Australian Open. In fact, Nadal explained that he will have to review his calendar and consider his state of form in a few weeks.

Carlos Moja, Nadal's longtime coach, contracted Covid and wrote a post to talk about his experience. "Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you that I also tested positive for COVID-19. On Sunday, when I first experienced symptoms, I tested negative for the swab.

A few hours later, I had another molecular swab and tested positive. I am vaccinated with two doses and the symptoms have been quite strong in the last 24 hours, although now it is much better and I can say that the worst is over.

Care should be taken, even when symptoms are mild. Fever, headache, sweating, aches all over the body: these are the symptoms that struck me. I'm sure that only the vaccine allowed me not to end up in hospital," wrote Moya on his Twitter account In the last few hours, Belinda Bencic also announced her positivity to COVID-19 and questioned her participation in the Australian Open: "Unfortunately, although fully vaccinated, I was recently found positive for COVID-19.

At the moment I am in isolation and I am taking all necessary precautionary measures to get through this moment in the best possible way, since I am having quite serious symptoms (fever, headache and chills). Although the timing is not ideal, I will leave for Australia as soon as I am okay and have passed the period of isolation."

Rafael Nadal positive for the virus: what will happen now?

Rafael Nadal had played in the Mubadala World Tenis Championship in recent days, but failed to win the two games played against the British Andy Murray and the Canadian Denis Shapovalov.

Now an announcement that further complicates plans for the start of the 2022 season. The Spaniard communicated through his social channels that he tested positive for Covid-19, after having performed a test on his return to Spain.

The Spaniard had already declared that the sensations on the court, from a physical point of view, were not excellent and he would have evaluated with the team participation in the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam and prestigious commitment of the next year.

This inconvenience shuffles the cards again and puts the Australian tour of the Iberian champion, already winner of 20 Major titles, at more and more risk. For his body, a piece of news that really was not needed: the 35-year-old needed to intensify his training to reach top condition in view of the first official matches, now a stop that could delay his return to the field.

The message from the Manacor native appeared early in the morning of Monday 20 December and naturally shocked all his fans and insiders: "Hello everyone. I wanted to announce that on my return home, after playing the Abu Dhabi tournament, I tested positive for COVID-19 in the PCR test that was performed on me when I arrived in Spain.

Both in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi I passed the checks every two days, with always negative results. I'm experiencing some unpleasant moments but I hope to improve slowly. Now I am forced to remain in isolation at home, I have reported the result to those who have been in contact with me.

As a consequence of the situation, I need to have total flexibility with my calendar and I will analyze my options based on my evolution. I will keep you informed of any decisions about my future tournaments. Thank you all in advance for your support and understanding."