Judy Murray: "Raducanu will have a difficult year"

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Judy Murray: "Raducanu will have a difficult year"

Young Brit Emma Raducanu is the current winner of the US Open, and she has an incredible year behind her, during which she reached the center of attention of the world media from complete anonymity with great performances at Wimbledon and USO.

Judy Murray, mother and coach of the former first player in the world - Andy Murray, commented on her future. Raducanu is currently the 19th player on the WTA list, and at the beginning of 2021, she was on the 343rd place on the WTA list.

We will see how Raducanu will cope with popularity and the quality she possesses. It won't be easy for a young tennis player, but for now Emma seems quite mentally strong and it looks like she could have a brilliant career.

"The next 10 months will be completely different for Emma from everything she is used to so far." "She will have a lot to learn as she adapts to the fact that she has become the center of attention from complete anonymity in the world of women's tennis and that now everyone sees her as the main competitor."

"Victory over it will be a great "scalp" Everyone will be specially prepared for the matches with Raducanu. For such a situation, you need a different state of mind than before, "said Judy Murray.


Andy Murray also carried the epithet of great talent when he first appeared on the tennis scene.

He justified the expectations that were set, but the injuries were the ones that prevented the even greater success of the British tennis player, who is slowly returning to his former form in his later years. "I also remember that Andy was in a similar situation when he started playing senior tennis, and he came with a great reputation from his junior days."

Emma has everything a tennis player needs: skills, mental strength, work, effort and motivation, but the question is how long it will last. Judy believes it still takes some time for Raducanu to realize how serious the situation is "Fortunately, Emma has a very calm head - she is very intelligent, but also dedicated to sports.

However, she is a teenager and she needs to be given time and space to adapt to the changes, "said mother of Andy Murray. Emma Raducanu was positive for the corona virus, so she did not perform at the Mubadala Championship in Abu Dhabi, and it remains to be seen how she will prepare for the Australian Open.