Zverev: The celebrations over Djokovic made me invincible

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Zverev: The celebrations over Djokovic made me invincible

The phenomenal German tennis player Alexander Zverev believes that the trend from 2021, which took place in the sign of the trio of Djokovic, Medvedev, Zverev, will be replicated next year, which brings many new goals and ambitions.

It must be admitted that this season these three names stood out from weekend to weekend, and showed that they are the most serious candidates for titles. Medvedev made the greatest progress, but Zverev also showed quality and maturity when it was most needed.

It seems that the "big three" are slowly disappearing, and that some new names are coming who will be the main stars in the future and role models for new young players. Nadal and Federer have injury problems, and are already in the late years of their careers, so they don't have much time to prove themselves, especially Federer The third tennis player in the world, who finished last season with six titles won, was an Olympic champion, won the final tournament and in the end had a balance of 58 points and 15 defeats, and next year he intends to reach the first position.

Mental progress

Exactly what has always been talked about, and that is mental progress, is currently happening to Zverev When you are a young player, there is a huge pressure on you, inexperience plays a role and in big matches such things can cost you "In the last six months, Novak, Danil and I have dominated.

I believe that we will continue this trend during the next season. I gained a lot of confidence with what I achieved this season, and I made the greatest progress mentally." "I feel much more relaxed on the field and I am ready "to show everyone what I am capable of.

The celebration against Djokovic in Tokyo and Turin made me unbeatable," Medvedev said. Until that final in Tokyo, more precisely until the beginning of the second set, Novak seemed fearless, and then Zverev played the game of his life.

Zverev has improved every segment of his game a lot and has clearly set goals for the future. If he plays as he has so far, his goals could be achievable "I achieved my goals when things looked bad. If I don't believe in myself at the end of the day, who will? There are two things I haven't achieved yet.

To win the Grand Slam and became number one in the world. I hope I will achieve it in Australia." said Zverev.