Juan Martin Del Potro announces his possible come back

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Juan Martin Del Potro announces his possible come back

Juan Martin Del Potro looks ready to come back. The Argentinian champion did a lot less than everyone expected in his career but only because of injuries. Despite everything, Juan Martin is always back and although he hasn't played for a long time, he is ready to return to the Tour.

The former US Open 2009 winner posted a message on social media stating which tournament he wants to return to. The giant from Tandil is energized and left the following social message: "I have trained very hard, some days are better than others but I am always hoping to return to racing early next year.

It would be very special for me to return to tournaments in Buenos Aires and then to play in Rio de Janeiro. As you can all imagine, I am giving my all every day so that he can come back soon and we can see each other again.

I will keep you updated on my progress, see you soon. Take care of yourself." In the last few days Del Potro has posted a video where he kept constant training on the pitch and now he seems more and more energized towards returning to the court.

The former Top 5 played the last tournament about two years ago and on seven occasions he has already made important returns from injuries. One of his most famous comebacks occurred in 2016 with Juan Martin returning and winning a Masters 1000, an Olympic silver medal and a Grand Slam final.

Now there is great expectation and curiosity for his return to the field. Compared to 2016, the situation is certainly more difficult, the tennis player has not played for two years and now at the age of 33 he is now in the final phase of his career.

It will be curious and interesting to understand if the tennis player will be able to return to the field in the next two months. Currently the circuit is stopped for the end of the season and we are only witnessing an exhibition tournament where there are, among other things, two former world number ones, Andy Murray and the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, also returning from a bad foot injury.

Corretja: "Roger Federer is a symbol of class and elegance"

The 2021 season went on file with Russia's Davis Cup triumph. Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev's team ended the year in the best possible way, which started with success in the ATP Cup.

The Russian also celebrated the first major of his career, having won the US Open last September. The other three Grand Slams ended up on Novak Djokovic's wall, who was able to write further pages of history at the age of 34.

The Serbian phenomenon won his 37th Masters 1000 and finished the year at the top of the ATP rankings for the seventh time ever (beating his idol Pete Sampras). It was not an unforgettable season for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, both of whom were limited by a number of physical problems.

The Swiss has undergone knee surgery for the third time in the last 18 months, while the Spaniard is preparing to return to the field in Abu Dhabi. The 35-year-old from Manacor hasn't even played since the Washington tournament.

In a long interview with Eurosport, Alex Corretja analyzed the situation of the Big 3. Corretja explained: "I think Novak Djokovic is always a little misunderstood. I don't know if that depends on his character or the way he behaves on the pitch.

He does things that people tend not to understand." The Spaniard also spoke of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: "Roger is the symbol of class and elegance. He has an impeccable style and he manages everything with extreme naturalness.

As for Rafa, he is the greatest fighter in tennis history. We can only thank the Big 3 for everything they have done for our sport. Their work was very important both on and off the court." There is great anticipation for the return of Nadal, who played just seven official tournaments in 2021.

"He will have to use the first week of the 2022 Australian Open as a preparation. He needs a run-in phase, otherwise he risks stopping again."