Turnaround: AO changes its rules on vaccination!

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Turnaround: AO changes its rules on vaccination!

Until recently, the management of the Australian Open said that only vaccinated players can play that tournament. However, now the director Craig Tiley said that there will be a possibility that some tennis players will receive a medical exemption.

Players who want to play in Australia without being vaccinated against coronavirus will be able to present their case to a commission that will include three independent experts. They will be doctors of immunology, general practice and infectious diseases.

The commission will be set up by the Victoria Department of Health. Obviously, this will be an approach we are not used to so far and something new in the world of sports. We still don't know what these conversations will look like, but they are obviously aware of what they are losing if some players do not play.

Of course, the biggest emphasis is on Novak Djokovic, without whom the tournament can hardly look the same. "We are working closely with the Victoria government to establish fair and independent medical exemption protocols, and this will allow us to have an Australian Open that is safe and enjoyed by all."

" The process will be led by independent experts and the case of each player will be considered, "said Tayley. This changes the situation, perhaps with Novak Djokovic. He was registered for the Australian Open, and it is not known at all whether he was vaccinated against the corona virus.


However, most believe that Djokovic has not been vaccinated, nor does he intend to do the same. The only question is how far Djokovic can avoid vaccination because the laws in some countries are much stricter, and it will be much harder It seems that some athletes have credit and that more emphasis is placed on tournament success and earnings than on some other things.

In case he is not vaccinated, he could present his case before an independent commission, which could enable him to play in the ATP Cup and the Australian Open. It is possible that the organizers of the first Grand Slam of the season are under great pressure and that they must allow unvaccinated players to play the tournament.

The latter is quite possible. Yet there are many theories coming from various sources, and the truth might be known soon. In any case, an exciting tournament awaits us, and indeed such situations slightly spoil the impression before a big competition. It will be interesting...