Rafael Nadal: "My biggest rival is Roger Federer"

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Rafael Nadal: "My biggest rival is Roger Federer"

Rafael Nadal is returning to the field at the Mubadala exhibition in Abu Dhabi, and before the first match he held a press conference which was also attended by fans. "I like to play here, otherwise I wouldn't have come so many times.

It's nice to get away from the cold weather in Europe and spend a few days here, with great fans at a good tournament." "Everything is easy for us here and we can enjoy Abu Dhabi and compete with great players at the same time.

It is difficult to imagine a better tournament for preparation, "said Nadal. Nadal emphasized before returning that he will go step by step, but he is optimistic before the start of the new season. "I hope to play more tennis, because if I play less than last year, then I am no longer a player.

I am positive, I am always optimistic and I work hard to be ready." "It is difficult after a few months off the field and it will be a difficult comeback, but the main thing is to stay healthy. If I am able to recover well, train and play for a few weeks in a row, why not."

"I have to stay positive. I can still fight for my goals. That's why I do it. I still have the passion in me to play and to do my best to fight for what I fought for before," said the Spaniard.


It has never been easy, but do quarantines, blisters, constant testing and everything that the pandemic has brought mentally make dealing with it even harder? "I think it's especially for us old people, I'm also old on the Tour, I've been here for 18 years, let's say I'm almost old.

I think it's harder for us. Maybe it's a little easier for younger players…" "I remember the years ago when I started ... Everything is easy, you have energy for everything, you enjoy every detail and even difficult situations such as time in the bubble."

"When you are young you enjoy everything. For us seniors, the fact that we can't travel with families, with the whole team, without enjoying the energy provided by the audience, makes things a little harder."

"Especially in my situation when I had periods when I couldn't play due to injuries, it was almost impossible. But I think I managed to be competitive when I was on the field, but I couldn't play as much as I wanted to."

"But now I am here again and I hope that the situation with the virus due to the vaccine will improve. It seems to me that it gives results and I hope that the situation will improve day by day, "Nadal said. Nadal said that all the players who come to the Mubadala tournament, even though it is an exhibition, take the matches seriously and that they play as if it were one of the strongest tournaments.

The fans could also ask questions, and one of them referred to the toughest opponent on the Tour. "Of course, Roger, we played many times, we spent hours and hours on the field. "And if I have to choose one, I have to choose Roger," Nadal said