AS : "Djokovic tried to calm his character but the results were not so good"

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AS : "Djokovic tried to calm his character but the results were not so good"

The respected Spanish daily As writes that Novak Djokovic is a leader off the field, and that he enjoys great respect from his colleagues. Journalist Nacho Albarran begins the text by reminding that Djokovic often vemt anger at the racket, as well as that he sometimes enters into a verbal conflict with the crowd who show disrespect.

"It is a character that is his driving force and one of the secrets of his success. In fact, when he tried to calm his character, the results were not so good." Nacho believes his character must be accepted "We had to accept him as a man as he is, and not compare his behavior with Rafael Nadal, who is an exception that confirms the rule ", writes Albarran and adds: "What no one who follows tennis can deny is that Djokovic loves tennis and respects all those who are part of the sport.

He gives smiles, hugs and nice words to his rivals." "He considers them comrades, and they admire him because they see him as a leader-rebel, since he supports them off the field with his Association (PTPA). Further, AS journalist points out that Djokovic's passion and strong principles sometimes lead to mistakes.

"However, those who know him say that he does everything from the heart and with the intention of helping. As well as he is a truly noble and generous person."

Media relationship

Nacho especially praised his attitude towards the media, with whom he has always been on good terms, and has never made any problem.

"His relationship with the media is extraordinary. Sometimes he even thanked for a question, and answered congratulations and greetings in almost every language." "With the fans - a clean ten. At the ATP final in Turin, he once spent almost half an hour with them after the match.

And there he is number one ", concludes Albaran. Djokovic has not yet officially announced his performance in Australia, although he has applied for both the ATP Cup and the Australian Open. It will be hard to imagine a tournament without him and his moves, and almost the Australian Open will not be the same tournament without him, because we know how much his name means in the world of tennis and how much views he brings.

It is still unknown what the outcome will be, and whether he will play, but most hope that things will be resolved and that we will be able to enjoy his games.