Andy Murray believes that Djokovic is vaccinated

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Andy Murray believes that Djokovic is vaccinated

The tennis season is over, and twenty days before the start of the new one, everything in tennis was reduced to speculations whether Novak Djokovic will play at the Australian Open, that is, whether the best player in the world has been vaccinated.

And while it has even become a political issue in Australia, because according to the objective media these days, political parties are collecting points, trying to hit Djokovic as hard as possible, Novak continues to push and "cool" every question about vaccination.

The first tennis player in the world has applied for both the ATP Cup in Sydney and the Australian Open in Melbourne, so it seems logical that he will play, and so does Andy Murray, the man Novak beat several times in the fight for the trophy at the first Grand Slam tournament of the season .

"I don't know what Novak's status is, but I saw that he was registered for the Australian Open, so I guess he was vaccinated. "We know the rules that they regularly inform us about, so I can't think of anything else when it comes to him," Murray said.

The once great rival of Djokovic says that he hopes that the Serbian ace will be on the field in Melbourne.

Murray praised Djokovic

Murray, although once a great rival with Djokovic, believes that Djokovic deserves to be in the tournament and decided to praise the trophy Serb "His results at the Australian Open are spectacular and the 21st Grand Slam trophy on the coupon.

That's why I hope to see him at the tournament, as I always want to see the best players on the field. " Murray will be at a new beginning from the new year, because he changed the coach and is making plans for 2022.

Many tennis fans remember the kind of games Murray played and still want to watch him on the court. Unfortunately, Murray has been unlucky many times in his career, and could have made a lot more success, but he is still one of the bigger names in the sport "Everything is going in the right direction for now.

I decided not to play in the Davis Cup so that I would have two weeks more to prepare, so that I could start the season before the others. "On Sunday, I will travel to Abu Dhabi for an exhibition, in order to adapt to the conditions of playing outdoors," Murray pointed out.