Bernard Tomic: "There are so many things I should not have said"

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Bernard Tomic: "There are so many things I should not have said"

Bernard Tomic, once the great hope of world tennis, says that he will try to save his career, although not so long ago he was thinking about a definitive retirement. Tomic, who as the 18-year-old was the youngest Wimbledon quarterfinalist since Boris Becker in 1986, had a famous statement that he was bored on the field, after the defeat at Wimbledon in 2017 in the first round.

"I really stopped playing two and a half years ago. I told myself that I was fed up, I did some other things, but to be honest, now I'm tired of those things too." "I made great success when I was too young.

It all reached me. Constant travels since the age of ten… At the age of 25, I was already tired and I was talking stupid s*its in the media ", Tomić said in an interview with Courier-Mail. Tomic, who turned 29 in October, says money is not a motive for his new desire for tennis.

"Nope. Money has never been the essence. I could stop now and be happy, but I don't want that. I mean, what else would I do? I am 29 years old, I can go back to tennis." "I was 17th in the world, and I could be in the top 5 and fight for the Grand Slam title.

However, that is a completely different level - I have 5 years. I am not the same as when I was 18-20 years old. Time changes people - I'm older and a little wiser, I'm not that stupid kid anymore. "

Kid brain

Five years ago, Tomic held the racket upside down on a match ball, and then said: "I don't care about that match ball - would you care if you are 23 years old and you have more than ten million dollars?" “Ha-ha.

when you say that, it sounds hilarious, but it's not good to say such things. It's a kid brain. That was not the right thing to do and I regret it a lot, I didn't have to say much. " The Australian is currently struggling with a finger injury, but he returned to training, he says that he is more serious.

" I am missing- pressure some moments on the field, to play with the best, the audience, victories, defeats… The previous two years I didn't care, now I care a little more." "I want to try to get ready, to give myself another chance in the next five or six years.

I want to get in the top 10 - I was 17, it separated me from 12th place, and then I gave maybe 60 percent of myself." " I want to finish in the right way, I believe I can do it in two or three years and retire happy. "