Herbert is not going to Australia because he does not want to be vaccinated!

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Herbert is not going to Australia because he does not want to be vaccinated!

One of the best doubles players in the world, Pierre-Hugues Herbert, is the first tennis player to publicly announce that he has not been vaccinated and that he will not go to the Australian Open and the part of the season that is played on the Australian continent.

Pierre-Hugues Herbert won the Australian Open two years ago together with Nicolas Mahut in the doubles competition. Together they have won five Grand Slam titles and are eighth in the world. However, Mahut will have to look for another partner if he wants to win the title in Melbourne again.

Nicolas was vaccinated with only one dose and before that, he was positive for the coronavirus. Pierre-Hugues Herbert is the first tennis player to say publicly that he will not go to Australia because he has not been vaccinated, and vaccination against the coronavirus is mandatory in order to play there.

Herbert is aware of the fact that his decision can take a lot away from him "I have not been vaccinated and traveling to Australia is not an option for me. I'm doing what I can. But because of my ranking in singles, it might be a bad thing for my new beginning."

Herbert still doesn't have a long-term plan, and he doesn't know if he will change his decision any time soon, but for now, he sticks to his stance, no matter how much it may cost him in his career.

Herbert on vaccines

He seems to be quite dissatisfied with the situation that is happening and apparently does not see salvation in the vaccine.

"Vaccination is my personal choice. I don't know how long I will have such an attitude. I don't know if it is possible to be a tennis player today without being vaccinated. It’s not just mandatory in Australia.

There is a similar thing in the USA, Austria… It is a complex topic ", said Erber. All this news comes at a time when it is still not clear to anyone whether the world's first tennis player in singles, Novak Djokovic, has been vaccinated.

He is currently registered for the ATP Cup and the Australian Open, but that does not mean that he has received the vaccine against the virus and that he will be able to come to Melbourne. Indeed, if Djokovic is not there, it will be a heavy blow for tennis, but the law is something that is above sports and anyone, and it is unlikely that it will ever change.