Roger Federer had trouble coming to terms with Djokovic's arrival

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Roger Federer had trouble coming to terms with Djokovic's arrival

Prominent sports journalist Christopher Clarey says that it was difficult for Roger Federer to accept the appearance of Novak Djokovic as a great rival. A New York Times journalist, who recently published Federer's biography called Maestro, says that the Swiss has always had a better relationship with Rafael Nadal.

The different ways in which Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer grew up were mentioned many times. Given that Spain and Italy in the 1980s and 1990s were fairly stable countries with a high standard, the situation in Serbia was quite different.

The cities were devastated after the bombing and Djokovic had a completely different childhood. In addition to the bombing, Yugoslavia disintegrated and the standard was very low, and it was difficult to educate the athlete in a satisfactory way.

"Both Rafa and Roger had a comfortable childhood with many choices. Djokovic came from a country torn apart by war and had no choice. He just wanted - and had to - succeed. "

Big three

There was a noticeable difference in the way Federer congratulated Nadal on the 20th Grand Slam title compared to how he congratulated Djokovic.

Just when everyone thought that we would watch Nadal and Federer fight for the biggest trophies for the next couple of years, Novak Djokovic appeared and changed the plans of both tennis players. Such desire, motivation, and determination have not been seen on the tennis courts for a long time.

With his game, he created a completely different atmosphere and thus created perhaps the biggest competition in the history of tennis. From then until today, we have been constantly watching the race between the "big three", which will probably be over soon.

Nadal has injury problems, as has Federer, who has been out for a long time and is likely to retire. Djokovic is a man of a completely different mentality, who grew up in a country that had big problems at the time. Yet his hard work and work made up for the shortcomings he faced "Nadal was Roger's first great challenger.

Just when Roger came to terms with that, Djokovic appeared, and it was difficult for Federer to accept that. Also, Rafa always treated Federer with a lot of respect, and Djokovic made those imitations, which Federer may not have liked, "adds Clarey.

Asked if he knew if Federer had read his book, the American journalist replied: "I heard he was, but I have yet to hear his review. I'm looking forward to it, whether he gives me one or five. "