Todd Woodbridge gives his impressions about Djokovic's arrival in Australia

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Todd Woodbridge gives his impressions about Djokovic's arrival in Australia

Legendary Australian tennis player Todd Woodbridge is delighted with the news that Novak Djokovic will participate in the ATP Cup. On Tuesday morning, the organizers announced that the best tennis player in the world would lead Serbia at the national team competition in Sydney.

This news delighted not only fans from Serbia but also fans around the world, who are eagerly waiting to watch one of the biggest on the field again. Djokovic will have a chance to show his quality for who knows how many times Woodbridge was also happy to be aware of the importance of such a player in the tournament and what advantage his presence could bring.

"It's good for tennis, Novak's fans will be happy, as well as all tennis fans in Sydney. He had the choice to apply or not." "He wrote his name, which means that we should believe that he will come and play all the tournaments here, "said Woodbridge, referring to the Australian Open.

Many say the word "pressure" does not exist in Novak Djokovic's dictionary, but the pressure is something most athletes deal with. However, by all accounts, Djokovic is one of the mentally strongest players who is additionally motivated to break the record.

"It is a huge bet for him when it comes to trying to break the Grand Slam record. He seems to really enjoy Melbourne, it is his most successful tournament. "


Djokovic has not yet revealed whether he received the vaccine against the corona virus, although it is a condition for entering Australia.

Foreign media reported that Novak could be allowed to come to Sydney without a vaccination certificate, with the special approval of the authorities, after which he would have to undergo a two-week quarantine. There has been a lot of talk about his (non) vaccination lately and he is probably the only one of the "great" athletes who still does not want to experiment.

Whether his decision will change is still unknown, but if the measures become even stricter, there is little chance that such an outcome will not occur. "He knows what the rules are about vaccines. You would think that would mean that he would respect them unless he made an unexpected move.

" The ATP Cup starts on January 1. The Australian Open will be on the program starting from January 17. Djokovic will try to show his greatness again and dominate the grounds of Australia. Something like that is not foreign to him