UEFA have decided to support Novak Djokovic

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UEFA have decided to support Novak Djokovic

The Foundation of the Best Tennis Players in the World is one of 67 that will be helped by the European House of Football The Board of Directors of the UEFA Foundation, chaired by the President of the European House of Football, Alexander Cheferin, met to discuss new projects, their impact, and discuss the future of this institution.

As stated on the website of the Foundation, they adjusted the help to the most urgent needs. Although UEFA is often the target of criticism, with their announcement they wanted to inform the public about everything they have done in the previous period and how important they were in improving the sport with their moves.

"Last season, 30 stadiums were built or renovated, 424 sets of equipment and 2,920 balls were donated to cities, along with 17 tons of material from EURO 2020 and other UEFA competitions for reuse by local football clubs and children's charities," said the UEFA Foundation.

One of the most anticipated items on the agenda was the selection of new projects after the call for applications was announced during the summer. A total of 1,227 applications were shortlisted.

67 projects selected

However, the time has come to select those who will receive help, and there are a total of 67.

Most of the projects will be in Europe, which will once again help develop infrastructure, youth facilities and help those in need. "After a careful review, 67 projects were selected to share a total budget of 5,099,391 euros, half of which was allocated to European projects and the rest to other continents," the statement said.

Among the 67 projects that received financial support from UEFA is the one submitted by the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Among the future users of the mentioned funds from the Balkan region are also the Croatian Association for Sports, Recreation and Education, Friends of Football from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Montenegrin NGO Parents and FC Berznica Pljevlja.

UEFA have once again emphasized the importance of this type of assistance, and that they will always be ready to help the most vulnerable because only in this way the improvement of sports in the world can be achieved. As stated on the website of the Foundation, they adjusted the help to the most urgent needs.

"Our foundation has a more important social role than ever by strengthening its support for the most endangered around the world. This enables European football to take on its social responsibility and lead by example in this area," Cheferin said.