Russia wins the 2021 Davis Cup!

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Russia wins the 2021 Davis Cup!

Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev, two of the top five players in the world, allowed Russia to win the Davis Cup Finals 2021 against Croatia's Marin Cilic and especially Nikola Mektic and Ante Pavic. Russia then returns to raise the salad bowl fifteen years after the last time.

After struggling in the groups, and especially in the quarter-final match, Andrey Rublev gives some continuity to the 6-4 6-0 against Domenik Koepfer. Called to give Russia the point of advantage in the Madrid final, the world number five does not make any particular changes to the script.

On the contrary. Against the surprising Borna Cojo, still dry of successes in the major circuit and paradoxically perfect in the competition, he flirts with the break during two of the first three rounds of response and delivers the decisive push in the seventh game.

The rest is, according to the logic of things, a completely necessary outline. The number two of the Russia group, who once again has the chance to break in two of the first three rounds of response, needs the jeu decisif to completely break the balance and to seal the success at 6-3 7-6 (5).

On the other hand, the problems of the number one of the group, Daniil Medvedev, lasted a set, obviously ending the competition unbeaten and giving Russia the final 2-0 success. Medvedev, who does not take advantage of a break point in the seventh game and who offers the Croatian one in the game immediately following, recovers a mini-disadvantage during the jeu decisif and at the fourth useful opportunity puts his head forward.

Completely short of energy, mental and physical, Cilic does what he can in the heart of the second set. Little, in the vast majority of cases. Medvedev shoots up 4-1, places another break near the finish line and closes with a very rocky 7-6 (6) 6-2.

Jeremy Chardy and vaccine problems: what we need to know

As everyone knows, weeks ago, French tennis player Jeremy Chardy released statements about his current physical condition to the newspaper L ’Equipe. The French tennis player has announced that his 2021 season has ended prematurely due to a series of problems that are holding him back at this stage: according to what was stated by the former player number 25 in the ATP ranking, the main cause is an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

. The topic has always created controversy and confrontation between the various tennis players on the Tour, with several who did not take a position and others who initially challenged it and openly declared not to do so (some only later changed their mind).

A concrete example is the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas who, after much criticism of refusing to administer it, did not hide his intention to receive the serum before the end of the year. Chardy underwent the administration of the anti-Covid serum between the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the US Open and the result was not effective over time: "Since I received the inoculation, I have more than one problem to deal with.

Consequently, I can't play tennis, I can't even train. I prefer to take more time to treat myself and be sure that, in the future, I will have no further complications. At the moment my vintage is at a standstill and I don't even know when I will resume.

So now I regret taking the vaccine, but I couldn't know. It is the first time that the idea has crossed my mind that next season could be the last." Chardy's performance in the period highlighted was not exciting, a bit like the rest of the 2021 tournaments: in fact, in Cincinnati he was eliminated in the qualifiers by the American Sandgren, while in the last Grand Slam competition in New York the Frenchman had tried to keep up with the Italian Matteo Berrettini, without succeeding.