Davis Cup 2021: Medvedev and Russia beat Germany

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Davis Cup 2021: Medvedev and Russia beat Germany

The second 2021 Davis Cup semi-final offers far less excitement than we saw last night. Russia respects the predictions of the eve, finally finds a discreet Rublev and wins with discrete ease against Germany reaching the Croatia of Cilic & co in the final.

Rublev's performance was perfect after the stammering version seen so far in the competition. The Russian sweeps away Dominik Koepfer leaving him just four games, all in the first set. Nine aces and no break points allowed to seal a match never in discussion, with the exclamation point represented by the 'bagel' inflicted on the German in the second set.

Shortly after comes the encore of the Russian number one Daniil Medvedev who beats Struff for the seventh time in eight challenges. Double 6-4 for the world number two who concedes - and cancels - a single break point in the entire match, winning the fourth singles out of the four played so far in the Davis Cup finals.

In the first set the decisive break arrives at 4-4 when Daniil flies 0-40 before hitting the third useful opportunity. In the second fraction, however, the shoulder materializes in the heart of the set with Medvedev who takes advantage of the gained advantage and limits himself to defending his own rounds in order until repeating the 6-4.

It will therefore be Russia against Croatia tomorrow in the final which will be played in Madrid. Both national teams will try to lift the trophy for the third time: the Croatians won in 2005 and 2018, while Russia triumphed in 2002 and 2006.

Russia will again play the role of big favorite for the final victory tomorrow: both singles players - Medvedev and Rublev - start widely favorites in the prediction against the Croatian duo that will probably be composed again of Cilic and Gojo.

Obviously, the Croat’s goal will be to force the match up to the decisive double, where they start ahead in the prediction, but it will be decidedly hard to get to the doubles match on the 1-1 set.

WTA suspends tournaments in China for Peng's issue

WTA has announced the immediate and official suspension of all women's tournaments in China and Hong Kong.

The decision was made after the situation that arose around the Chinese tennis player Shuai Peng, an athlete who had publicly accused one of the main members of the Chinese parliament, Zhang Gaoli, of abuse. Since that moment, any social media publication and any situation relating to the topic has been censored in China.

Strong condemnations by the WTA and its CEO Steve Simon who, from the beginning, accused China and declared himself ready to declare 'war' on the Chinese government. Many have applauded this decision by the WTA, a decision that could bring huge economic damage to women's tennis, estimated at as much as 200 million dollars.

Shuai Peng has appeared on video since that day and everything seems to be back to normal, but the accusations disappeared and the tennis player's own statements appear as a discordant note, almost as if it had all been orchestrated by China.

After the WTA, now all sportsmen and tennis fans are waiting for the reaction of the ATP too, with many asking for the same reaction from the male body as well. The women's Tour is now on the covers of media all over the world and the choice of the WTA is receiving a lot of praise.

Waiting for a decision by the ATP, even the number one in the world Novak Djokovic seems to have taken a clear position and made important statements: "The PTPA is always on the side of the tennis players and fully supports the WTA as at the moment we do not have enough information about Peng Shuai and his current well-being.

I see nothing wrong with the request from the WTA to ask for more clarity on what is happening. I think it is important to support everyone, whether these are men or women and regardless of their organization. It is really sad that we are not given any further information on the subject and as a tennis community we must all be on the same side and be all together."