Novak Djokovic after Davis Cup: "I just want to rest now"

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Novak Djokovic after Davis Cup: "I just want to rest now"

Serbia was close to the Davis Cup final, and despite the new great release of Novak Djokovic, who defeated Marin Cilic, Serbian tennis players were eliminated from Croatia with two defeats in the remaining matches, after which the best tennis player in the world summed up his impressions.

"I want to rest and forget about tennis. I have been tired all year. I want to spend time with my family. You will soon find out my plans for 2022," said Djokovic, whose participation in the Australian Open and tournaments in January has not yet been officially defined.

Although he registered his 19th consecutive triumph in singles in the mentioned competition, the first racket in the world with his teammates had to lend a hand to rivals who materialized Borna Goja's victory over Dušan Lajović with a triumph in doubles.

"I did my best. I hope we will learn something from these matches. My goal remains to win the Davis Cup. We all love to play for the national team." Although the world's first racket in 2021 broke new ones in a series of records, it will be regretted that he did not win a medal in Tokyo, and that he then missed the trophy at the US Open where he was defeated by Daniil Medvedev in the final.

"The season is over for me today, I will not regret any tournament I played after August. I am doing my best, as always, for the national team. There is additional importance and significance when everyone is involved."

"Unfortunately, that was not the case. One win in singles is not enough. This kind of competition is cruel in a way because it requires you to win every match you play, and sets count."


Novak pointed out that he hopes that defeats will be a lesson for the whole team, adding that there are many things they can learn individually and as a team.

Also, the first racket in the world emphasized that everyone cares when they play for the team of Serbia and the nation. "We went out on the field with faith in success. Why would we go out on the field if we carried a white flag? We knew this was going to be the toughest match for us.

We knew we weren't doubles favorites because we played against the best in the world." "They play together all the time, they know each other very well. They are doubles specialists. They focus on that. We didn't play doubles much.

To win the Davis Cup we have to have more doubles players, we have to have a doubles team, otherwise it will be very difficult." "They know exactly where the ball is going to go, who is coming out, who is covering.

They are constantly putting pressure. That's what it is, we tried. It didn't work." "We definitely need to improve the doubles part of our team. winning the Davis Cup will be like climbing Mount Everest, "Djokovic said.