Ashleigh Barty: "I was upset by criticisms"

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Ashleigh Barty: "I was upset by criticisms"

Ashleigh Barty has had a particular year deciding to play only some of this season's tournaments. The Australian tennis player ended her season as world number one for the third consecutive year showing once again her worth.

Through the microphones of Code Sports, the tennis player talked about how she has suffered from the criticisms of the past regarding the fact that many were hoping for an overtaking of Naomi Osaka against her when the Japanese won the Us Open 2020 and the Australian Open 2021.

In fact, the frozen ranking had helped Barty to keep the first position and many of the tennis fans were criticizing her overtaking mandate. In an interview, Barty explained: "Maintaining the position again and finishing 2021 in the first World position is something that I am incredibly proud of after such a demanding and certainly unusual season"

The tennis player then continued: "I spent so much time on the road, asking people I love and admire to support me and make sacrifices, certainly for us it is a milestone to celebrate. When I look back on this season I think there have been four parts.

fundamental to maintain the top of the ranking. At the same time I felt people were wondering if I deserved the top spot as Naomi Osaka had won a couple of Grand Slam tournaments in succession. It was probably the first time I felt a little shaken and I wanted to make a statement on the court about it.

" This season Australian tennis player Ashleigh Barty won the Miami Masters 1000 in March and a few months later she took her second career Grand Prix in March. Barty did not play the US Open and missed the Finals at the end of the year but nevertheless ended the season at the top of the standings: "In Miami I understood that beyond defending the titles, my goal was to defend the top position in the standings, for me it was really very important "

Wilander: "There are too many opponents for Roger Federer"

Interviewed by Eurosport, seven-time Slam champion Mats Wilander expressed doubts about Roger Federer's chances of coming back to competition.

Wilander said: "I think Roger Federer will return to play on the ATP Tour. He himself confirmed this several times, so it would be a surprise if he didn't. Roger has always listened to his body perfectly, but now everything is more complicated."

"The situation has changed a lot compared to Federer's last full season, that is 2019. Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev have made a further qualitative leap, especially in this second half of 2021. The Swiss has his weapons and experience of him, but I doubt that at 40-41 he will prevail over Zverev or Medvedev.

I don't think Roger will play many games unless he realizes he can still make it to the bottom of the Grand Slams. I think he is curious to find out what he is capable of at 41 years old. Not even Federer knows exactly how things will go, but he loves to get involved."

2021 didn't bring Roger Federer much joy. The former world number 1 has struggled more than expected to recover an acceptable condition, ending up playing just 13 matches since March at Wimbledon. The Swiss phenomenon, who had undergone two knee surgeries in 2020, has collected nine wins and four defeats, a balance that speaks volumes about his current difficulties.

After a clear defeat in the quarter-finals in London, the King announced that he had suffered a knee relapse and had to operate for the third time in the last 18 months. The 20-time Grand Slam champion removed his crutches a few weeks ago and will be able to start racing again at the beginning of 2022.

To get the racket back in his hand, he will have to wait for spring instead. The 40-year-old from Basel admitted that it will be difficult to see him again on the tour before the summer of 2022, even questioning his presence at Wimbledon.