Dominic Thiem: "I have always kept hope alive"

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Dominic Thiem: "I have always kept hope alive"

Finally, after three lost finals, world no. 3 Dominic Thiem managed to win his first Grand Slam title at the 2020 US Open, defeating Alexander Zverev in five sets.

Thiem's ​​comment after the match

Interviewed in the virtual conference after four hours of battle, Dominic recalled the first time he thought he could win a major tournament: "It was when I reached the semifinals of Roland Garros in 2016, when I entered the top 10.

Since then I've always dreamed of succeeding, but without ceasing to be realistic. I also thought I had more chances on clay, but at the end of last year everything changed when I won in Beijing and Vienna, before reaching the last act at the ATP Finals as well.

It was then that I realized that my game adapts very well to concrete. Since working with Massu I have improved a lot on the fast, I have changed many things on this surface. After the final in Australia I don't think it's so surprising that my first Grand Slam is that of the US Open."

Thiem had been wanting to make this dream come true for a long time: "I have achieved a goal in life," said the Austrian, "a dream I have had for several years. I had it since I was a child and I started playing tennis, but then I saw it go away.

After that I got a little closer to the top, until one day I realized that I could lift a Major trophy. I have worked hard, I have put all my efforts to win one of the four Grand Slams, so far. For me it is a great result. It is the same for my whole team and my whole family."

The new US Open champion stressed that the experience in the previous three Grand Slam finals was not such a decisive factor for the victory: “I wanted this title too much, I had in mind the possible 0-4. Would I have had a chance like that again? All these thoughts are not good for playing tennis, they don't allow you to be free.

All of this happened in the beginning, until things changed in the third set." Thiem, who also confessed to having suffered from cramps in the last part, really believed it all the way: "It was difficult to stand up and continue to believe in it, but I did it.

I knew I was playing badly, but it's a Grand Slam final and it's normal for everything to be complicated, for the legs and arms to be heavy. Luckily it wasn't too late when I got the break in the third set, my confidence was still there and it has strengthened since then."

Thiem will now take part in Roland Garros: “I hope from now on it will be easier for me to compete in the big tournaments, now that I finally have a better career after this result. Until recently I still had one important thing to complete, now I will be more relaxed and I hope to play more smoothly in this type of event."