Roddick: "I don't think Rafa will be the first favorite"

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Roddick: "I don't think Rafa will be the first favorite"

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are currently on 20 Grand Slam titles won. The Swiss announced that he will recover from a knee injury by the summer, while the next opportunity for the Serb and the Spaniard to win the 21st will be at the Australian Open (January 17-30, 2022).

Novak, the first racket in the world to win the tournament in Melbourne this year, then Roland Garros and Wimbledon, and then in the finals at the US Open, the biggest obstacle on the Fifth Continent will be off the field, ie health protocols that, at least as things stand now, do not allow participation of competitors who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus.

The Spaniard, who did not hold one of the four most valuable tennis cups since Roland Garros in 2020, as well as Federer, who won one of the Grand Slam tournaments in Australia for the last time in early 2018, is struggling with injuries, he is far from the desired form.

In addition, younger forces are invading more and more.

Roddick on Nadal and Djokovic

Andy Roddick, the former number one and man who dominated before the arrival of the big three, had his comment on the current situation.

Although Djokovic and others "ruined" his career, Roddick remains remembered as one of the bigger names and players who left a big mark in the sport. "I don't think Rafa will be the first favorite, regardless of whether Novak will play or not," says Andy Roddick, the last American winner of one of the Grand Slam tournaments.

He notes that Djokovic's defeats in the final of the Olympic Games in Tokyo (by Zverev), the final of the US Open (by Medvedev) and the semifinal of the final masters (by Zverev) are a warning to the Spanish tennis player.

"If Novak doesn't play in Australia, it will be an opportunity for Medvedev or Zverev. Rafa will work hard to get to that 21st slam trophy against these guys who have to play the best they can in any case," Roddick added who still believes that Novak will appear in Melbourne and attack the jubilee, tenth crown at the Australian Open.

Of course, Djokovic has the best chances if he appears in the tournament, but it was shown last time how strong the "young forces" are and that they can make a surprise. Zverev, Tsitsipas, and Medvedev will be in the foreground, but there are many young players who can make a breakthrough this time.