Boris Becker believes Zverev could become number one

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Boris Becker believes Zverev could become number one

German tennis player Alexander Zverev could take the first place on the ATP list next year, provided that he wins one or two Grand Slam titles, according to his famous compatriot Boris Becker. Zverev ended the season with a triumph at the Final Masters in Turin, after which he pointed out that he wants to win the first Grand Slam of his career next year.

"His next big goal should be first place. In my opinion, that can happen in the coming years. But that will only be possible if he wins one or two Grand Slam titles." "You saw how it was this season - Novak won three grand slams and he was the first, Medvedev deservedly was second with one grand slam," Becker said.

"Of course, the title at the Final Masters is a great success, and Sasha triumphed there twice. Gold at the Olympics is a unique performance. But he has to win the Grand Slam, that will bring him closer to his dream. " The German has won six titles this season, and a total of 19 in his career.

He is currently third on the ATP rankings. He achieved the best result at the Grand Slams at the US Open 2020, when he reached the finals. He played in the semifinals at the Australian Open and Roland Garros, while his best performance at Wimbledon was the fourth round.

What do you say, is Zverev the future number one?


Oliver Marach, an Austrian tennis player, known more as a double player than a single player, also gave an opinion regarding Zverev "I remember what happened in Mallorca.

Novak played a double, and the semifinal of the double against us was scheduled for 13.30. However, Djokovic arrived at the match only after 14.00, and the other players waited for him for a long time." "The ATP did not have the courage to disqualify him.

Since we were not concentrating on the match, we lost, and Djokovic then handed over the finals without a fight in the name of his double." "I have respect for all the results that Novak has achieved, but that was the bottom line.

That's what I told him. However, we talked about it and now we have a good relationship, "said 41-year-old Oliver Marach. Marach has been a professional since 1998, and in singles, the best placement in his career was 82nd place in the ATP title.

He achieved far better results in doubles - in 2018 he was the second player on the planet in the doubles competition, and that year he also won the Australian Open, his only GS trophy.