Rusedski: "Novak Djokovic does not want to hand over the throne"

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Rusedski: "Novak Djokovic does not want to hand over the throne"

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic could end his career with 24 or 25 Grand Slam titles, Greg Rusedski believes. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer have 20 Grand Slams in their collections. When comparing the careers of the three greats, one of the most common questions is who will have the most titles.

For Rusedski, the question is not whether the Serb will surpass the Spaniard and the Swiss, but whether he will break Margaret Court's record of 24 most important trophies. "I think Novak will win 24 or 25 Grand Slam titles.

He is always the favorite in Australia, although now we don't know if he will play there. If he wins the title in Melbourne, he will have the 21st Grand Slam." Rusedski obviously has huge confidence in Djokovic, and he believes Djokovic will be able to take 5 Grand Slams in the next two years.

Still, despite everything, Rusedski seems to share the opinion with Sampras that Djokovic is the best of all time "It is almost certain that he will win at least two a year, so we are already at 22. In the season after that, he could add one or two more titles… So, that is somewhere between 23 and 25 titles, "said Rusedski.

"I think his goal is to win 25 titles, to become a record holder in all categories and thus the best of all time. I read an article with statements by Pete Sampras in which he said that, based on everything that has been done, Novak is already the best of all time.


New generations

The Briton points out that the best tennis player in the world will be the favorite in the upcoming tournaments, and he added that Nadal and Federer will not be his biggest rivals. "Novak is the favorite.

Roger is recovering, he talked about a potential return only in the summer. Rafa has this foot problem. Novak is amazing." New generations are already slowly beginning to dominate and take positions "older and more experienced"

So far, Zverev, Medvedev, and Tsitsipas are showing the most, but there are still many young tennis players who could dominate in the coming period. Despite his age, Djokovic does not want to hand over the throne to any of them "The question is who will stop him.

I don't think it will be Nadal or Federer. His biggest rivals are now Zverev, Tsitsipas, Medvedev… The new generation is here, but Djokovic does not want to hand over his throne, "Rusedski concluded.