Peng appeared at the tournament - an attempt to calm the public?

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Peng appeared at the tournament - an attempt to calm the public?

Chinese tennis player Shuai Peng appeared in public at the youth tournament that is being played in Beijing. This is shown by the recordings of the organizers. She accused a high-ranking state official of sexual abuse, and since then the Communist Party of China has been trying to calm the public and fears from abroad by suppressing information about Peng's whereabouts and condition.

The video published by the organizers of the "China Open" tournament on the social network Weibo does not mention the current situation and the problem regarding Peng. She stands by the court and signs tennis balls while hanging out with the children.

A day earlier, the editor of the official public media of the Communist Party announced on Twitter that Peng would soon appear in public, and before his tweet, the most popular state newspaper announced that the Chinese woman was at home and that she was fine, as well as that she would be announced soon.


Reactions and comments continue to come from tennis, as well as the general public, but also the fear that the ruling party is now trying to calm public concerns, without admitting that Peng really disappeared after accusing a prominent member of the ruling party, Zhang Gaoli, of raping her.

It was her disappearance, but also the government's silence on appeals for information, that prompted calls for a boycott of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing in February, which is an extremely important and prestigious event for the Communist Party.

Peng Shuai announced on the social network Weibo on November 2 that former Chinese Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli forced her to have sex despite she didn't want it after a tennis match three years ago. She said that his wife was "guarding the door" at the time.

She stated that she once had sex with a former influential member of the Communist Party seven years ago and that "after that, she had feelings for him" Peng added that there is no evidence for everything she wrote.

Her messages were deleted about half an hour after they were published. Subsequent posts, comments, and keywords like "tennis" were blocked from the Chinese Internet, as well as all news related to Peng. Since then, no one has seen or heard Peng Shuai.

The ruling Communist Party has faced growing appeals from tennis stars and officials to prove that Peng, a three-time Olympic participant, and former world number one tennis player, is safe and to allow her to speak freely.