ATP Finals 2021: Zverev defeats Djokovic and waits Medvedev!

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ATP Finals 2021: Zverev defeats Djokovic and waits Medvedev!

Daniil Medvedve vs Alexander Zverev will be the last match of the ATP Finals 2021, the year-end Master which will close the tennis season. After the victory at the Olympics, Alexander Zverev's new prestigious success against world number one Novak Djokovic in the semifinal.

The German champion beats his Serbian rival after a battle of about two and a half hours and gets the pass for the final against Daniil Medvedev, a tennis player who has already beaten him (in the third tiebreaker) during the group stage.

A very lively and enjoyable match, perhaps the best of these Turin Atp Finals. Now the German has the chance to win the year-end Finals for the second time in his career. The two players both start very strong in the service and the games flow forward quickly.

Novak quickly closes his batting rounds making big numbers with the first one and Zverev imitates him. It goes on until 5-4 where the Serbian has the first real chance of the match. Djokovic accelerates and has the first set point which Sascha cancels with a great first and returns to a draw.

In the next game it is the German who has the first chance, but Djokovic is once again a machine and cancels the two break points (one also with the serve and volée). We arrive at the tiebreak with the two tennis players who advance with the service with the Serbian who uses more and more the descents to the net on the service.

The first minibreak arrives for Zverev who takes advantage of a double fault from Djokovic and advances 4-2. Nole shortens the gap and goes 4-3. Zverev goes again and with the service closes the first set 7-6. Djokovic seems short of breath and fatigue in the exchange, but at the same time he manages to hold his own shifts thanks to the 'usual' serve.

It goes on with Zverev winning almost all of his games to zero and Nole holding on to the match. In the ninth game the class of Djokovic's champion emerges. Zverev cancels a break point with an ace and then puts in a great backhand first and a great response then and gets the first break of the match.

Nole serves for the set, but Zverev responds point by point and the Serbian only at the fifth opportunity closes the set 6-4. The game seems to be on the side of the Serbian but the German does not give up and thanks to a nightmare fourth game by Nole Sascha he immediately takes 3 to 1.

Sascha goes 4 to 2 and has two balls for 5 to 2, but he wastes and makes a few mistakes too many. Nole wastes the break ball by sending a long forehand and Zverev goes 5 to 2. The German does not tremble and Nole nom can do nothing.

The other semifinal: Medvedev vs Ruud

In the other semifinal, Daniil Medvedev beats Casper Ruud in two sets and gets the pass for the final of the last big event of the year. He awaits the German Alexander Zverev, but what is certain is that Turin will have a great final (perhaps the best possible).

Quite obvious victory with Daniil who had always won in the previous ones and once again two partials are enough to close the Norwegian practice. After Jannik Sinner this time it is Ruud's turn to suffer the Russian fury of the number two in the world.

The second set begins in a similar way to the first, Ruud tries to hold his own but has very few weapons at his disposal. In the fifth game Medvedev gets the break which becomes decisive for the set. Ruud raises the white flag and this time gives clear with Medvedev who closes with a simple 6-4; 6-2.

Now waiting for the second semifinal with Novak Djokovic starting as a big favorite to look for the dream final that we have seen several times this season, the remake of the Australian Open final, of the US Open (match that cost Nole the Grand Slam ) and the recent final in Paris-Bercy, a challenge that instead saw the Serbian champion win.

Medvedev, reigning champion in the Finals, wants to repeat last year's victory and thus prove to be one of the most fit men of the moment.