Ruud secured a semifinal against Medvedev with a victory

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Ruud secured a semifinal against Medvedev with a victory

For the first time since 1994, three previous winners will play in the semifinals of the final Masters. It is already known that the first semifinal pair consists of Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev, while the elite three former winners in the second semifinal pair with Daniil Medvedev were joined by Casper Ruud, with a triumph over Andrey Rublev - 1: 2 (6: 2, 7: 5, 7: 6).

A kind of revenge of the 22-year-old Norwegian for the fifth tennis player in the world, from whom he has lost all four previous clashes. Ruud knew that he had an extremely demanding task ahead of him, and that was confirmed on the field through a mini-marathon in three sets lasting almost two and a half hours.

Rublev 'destroyed' the eighth tennis player of the ATP list in the first set in 35 minutes. He made two breaks, missed two sets of balls at 5: 1, but in the next game, one was enough for him to think that he had reached halfway to scheduling a clash with his compatriot Medvedev.

The Norwegian had different plans, although he again allowed his rival to make a break.


The lost serve in the third game of the second set did not demoralize him. In the next game, he took the service from the opponent, and then in the 12th game, he returned very well and equalized the result from the second break chance.

The third set came, and with it, Ruud seriously raised the level of the game - he reduced the number of errors and fired an almost identical number of winners (19) as in the first two sets (20). For the third time, he allowed Rublev to get a break in the set, and then he returned it in the sixth game.

The Russian and the Norwegian kept the serve until the tie-break, but Ruud was the first to reach the mini-break (4: 2), and then he managed to win two match balls (6: 4). Rublev defended himself once, but not the second time, so he had to come to terms with the elimination from the final Masters in Turin.

Ruud will not have much time to think about victory and to celebrate such a great result, because the phenomenal Medvedev is already waiting for him tomorrow, who shows that he could be the successor of the big three. This will be an additional motive for Medvedev to try to reach the final where Djokovic will be waiting for him. These duo know each other very well and we will see if we will enjoy their another final.