Roger Federer believes he will return next summer!

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Roger Federer believes he will return next summer!

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer reveals that he will be off the court for a long time and announces his return to matches only in the summer of 2022. Roger played his last match last July. He has been off the field since then due to knee surgery.

He will miss The Ozzy Open (January 17-30), and judging by the statement, we won't see him again until next summer. "I wanted to conduct the details of testing before I gave an official statement and testings were encouraging.

I started a long period of rehabilitation in which I invested my soul and body." "The situation is not like in 2016, so I have to be patient. I will be able to start with a light run in January and then continue training on the field with complex support in March or April."

"Therefore, I estimate that I could return to the competitions in the summer of 2022 ", Federer said, as reported by the Tribune de Geneve


The main question is whether the winner of 20 Grand Slam titles will be ready for his favorite tournament - Wimbledon.

"I would be very surprised to be ready to play at Wimbledon. This summer, we decided to completely heal the meniscus injury, which required more time to recover" " From there, the doctors used the opportunity to treat my cartilage.

The combination of these two interventions requires patience and caution, "the 40-year-old player added. Despite all the complications and the fact that he has entered the fifth decade of his life, the end of his career is not in sight.

"My ambition is to see what I am capable of at least once again as a professional. I fight for it and I am very motivated. I feel the support of the team and the family. I also want to say goodbye in my own way and on the tennis court."

"So I gave my all in the recovery process. I have had similar challenges many times in my career. Sometimes the public was not aware of that. Although I know the end is near, I want to try to play big matches." "I know it won't be easy, but I'll try.

To be clear, my life will not collapse if I do not play in the Grand Slam final again. Still, it would be the most beautiful dream if it happened again. In fact, I still believe in it. I believe in that kind of miracle. " However, retirement cannot be avoided. The legendary Swiss is also aware of that