OFFICIAL: Roger Federer will not play the Australian Open 2022!

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OFFICIAL: Roger Federer will not play the Australian Open 2022!

His 2021 was troubled but bad news continues to arrive from a tennis perspective for the 40-year-old tennis legend Roger Federer. The Swiss played his last match in the Wimbledon quarter-finals against the Polish Hurkacz, under the blows of an excellent opponent (Top Ten) and shortly after he announced that he was undergoing yet another operation.

During an interview with the microphones of the Swiss portal Lematin Roger clarified his future situation and announced his forfeit at the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam title in 2022. The Swiss champion has made it clear that he will not be in Melbourne but has undoubtedly made worrying statements regarding his possible return to the court.
Federer has taken off his crutches and the data with the doctors are quite encouraging but regarding his return to the field we still have to wait.

He said: "I will be able to resume running calmly in January and start pushing again with the sessions on the field around April. To date, I expect my return to an official match in the summer of 2022." Speaking of the Wimbledon dream, the Swiss appears even more cautious: "I would be really surprised if I managed to be on the pitch at Wimbledon.

We have sutured a meniscus injury and therefore there are long idle times, the doctors have also treated my cartilage and therefore it takes a lot of patience and prudence." Stopped for some time, Roger for now does not want to retire and once again he was clear on this point: "My ambition is to try to see what I am capable of one last time, what spurs me and motivates me is to be able to say goodbye my way on a tennis czmpo and for that i am giving my all in the course of rehab.

My life will not collapse if I no longer play Grand Slam finals but returning to similar stages one last time would be my last dream and I still believe in these miracles!" At the moment, therefore, everything postponed to 2022 with Roger Federer who actually reveals the period in which he could again try to return to the ATP Tour.

Roger Federer: "The ending of my career will be..."

Very little is missing at the start of the ATP Finals 2021, the end-of-year event that historically saw Roger Federer as a protagonist in the past. The Swiss Maestro is now in the final stages of his career and is experiencing one of the hardest moments for a tennis player, the progress of time and the phase that leads, despite him, towards retirement.

The Swiss champion confessed by telling anecdotes about his career to the microphones of Ringier magazine, revealing among other things some particular situations with his wife and the woman of his life Mirka. Although there are no official rumors about coming back on the court in recent weeks, there has been frequent talk of Federer's possible return to the Australian Open 2022.

These and many others were the topics addressed by Roger who declared: "The ideal conclusion for my career? Does not exist, I want to decide the time of my retirement. I am convinced that I will understand for myself what the right time will be and I have no problems.

I'm not afraid of life after tennis and I think it will be a good transition. Mirka and I have always found a balance between tennis, family and friends and this is one of the best things for my career. Traveling with the family is not easy then since the twins were born it is even harder.

I honestly thought we couldn't make it and I'm proud of what we did. I hope I have left a good tennis legacy, which reminds me of a great tennis player and a good guy. I would like to be an example for the person I am, I have always worked on this.

The mistakes of youth? I was a boy with a strong character and I brought out all the emotions, I exploded with anger sometimes on the court but it just happened there, my friends and family told me to avoid and after a while I realized that my attitude was negative and he would never help me win.

I knew I had to make a change. An anecdote about Mirka? Once she called me on the phone while I was on the pitch, she had totally forgotten about the game. I like that about her, if she focuses on her tennis she concentrates but also manages to put it completely aside."