Ljubicic on Federer: "Difficult to return for the Australian Open"

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Ljubicic on Federer: "Difficult to return for the Australian Open"

Roger Federer's 2021 was unfortunately conditioned by the usual knee problem. The Swiss champion returned to the field after more than a year of absence at the ATP 250 tournament in Doha and then participated in two events on clay: the first in Geneva, the second in Paris.

After losing in the second round in Halle, Federer then played Wimbledon. On the lawns of the All England Club, Federer did not look disfigured and only surrendered in the quarter-finals against one of the best versions of Hubert Hurkacz.

At the end of the London Grand Slam, however, Federer admitted that he still felt pain in his knee and therefore decided to have an operation again. The operation forced him to stay out for the rest of the season and there are still many doubts about his future.

Ivan Ljubicic took stock of the situation during the Media Day of the ATP Finals in Turin. He said: "We have to wait. We will see Roger again next year. I don't think this will happen for the Australian Open. I don't even know when exactly, he is undergoing rehabilitation: he is recovering slowly, he is in no hurry.

He's 40 so one wrong step right now could be almost the end, he's very careful. We don't have a date, but next year for sure. Finals in Italy? I came to Italy in 1993 and I was having financial problems, so I was part of a similar project.

What came next in my life was thanks to this opportunity that I had in Moncalieri, a few kilometers from Turin. Twenty-five years later I find myself almost in the same city and being an ambassador for a project so similar, if not the same, excites me.

The favorite in Turin is always Novak Djokovic. We can say that in Bercy he canceled the trauma of New York. Novak is a rebound player who adapts to his opponent better than anyone else, perhaps he is the best of all time."

Daiya Seto got emancipation from the Japanese Swimming Federation

Daiya Seto gained emancipation from the Japanese Swimming Federation. After Kosuke Kitajima, Kosuke Hagino and Ippei Watanabe, Seto is officially a professional athlete and will now be individually responsible for training camp and travel expenses.

In an Instagram post, Seto said: "I am grateful to the Japanese Swimming Federation for being recognized as a certified excluded athlete. I will spend every day with determination until the Paris Olympics. We will strengthen my performance by participating in competitions abroad.

I would like to cooperate with the Japan Swimming Federation so that we can contribute to the development and spread of swimming around the world. Thank you for your continued support. " Seto revealed to SwimSwam that he will split for training between the United States and Japan.

He was the first Asian in history to win a gold medal at the World Championships in the mixed, he was the reigning world champion in both the 200m and the 400m medley (a race he has won three times in his career, a record).

He is also the holder of the Asian record in the 200m medley and the world record in the 400m medley in short course. The Japanese Swimming Federation (JASF) suspended him for four months from October 14, 2020, also imposing on him the obligation to renounce the role of captain of the Olympic team, on the grounds of having violated the code of ethics, for having entertained an extramarital affair.

For the same reason, All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd. terminated the sponsorship relationship.