Novak Djokovic changes the style of play to last longer

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Novak Djokovic changes the style of play to last longer

The best in the world for the seventh year, which is a record in the history of tennis. He has been on the throne for weeks like no one before him. He won 20 Grand Slam trophies, a record he shares with Nadal and Federer. And again he is looking for a way to be - even better.

Novak Djokovic will be welcomed as the tennis king in 2022, all the way to the Australian Open, he is guaranteed to stay in the first place, whatever he does until then. And he managed all that even though he played fewer tournaments this year than ever in his career.

That plan, to be less on the field, in order to last longer, will be implemented in the next season as well. But there will be a change in his game. Although one style led him to the title of the best in the world of all time, Djokovic believes that he can be even more efficient.

"I am constantly looking for the right formula to stay on the throne as long as possible. Even now, even though I am 34 years old. In these years, you have to work twice as hard as usual, because young players are coming, who are strong and move great."

"So I have to be rational and not waste too much energy. At the same time, I can use my great experience against them, "Djokovic told Gazetta Delo Sport.

Different editions

In the next period, we will watch somewhat different editions of Novak.

"My goal is to be more aggressive. I set myself that task in this part of my career. I was born with a predominantly defensive-oriented style of play, thanks to my ability to cover the entire field. But now I need some technical and tactical changes.

" The world number one referred to the defeat in the final of the US Open, which prevented him from becoming the first player with the calendar Grand Slam after more than half a century. "Defeat does not only have to provoke bad emotions at that moment, but it also offers an opportunity to build and sharpen your character.

Working on mental strength is just as important as on technique and physical strength," Novak Djokovic underlined. The Serbian ace is currently in Turin, where he will play in the final masters, a tournament he has not won since 2015. And, after that, he will play in the Davis Cup for the Serbian national team.