Berrettini described the anxiety he felt before the final with Djokovic

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Berrettini described the anxiety he felt before the final with Djokovic

In football jargon, Novak Djokovic is such an institution in the world of tennis that he leads 1: 0 against every opponent in the locker room. Enormous experience, the habit of winning, calmness in his head, brought him to the level that his opponents started swallowing dumplings even before the match started.

Mateo Berettini was lucky to reach the Wimbledon final this year, his first grand slam final in his career. And the misfortune of Novak Djokovic being on the other side of the field. The Italian offered solid resistance, but was nowhere near winning the cup.

Just as he will never forget his first fight for the Grand Slam trophy, the Italian will remember for a long time the last 60 minutes before he stepped on the field, in the fight with Djokovic. "I had stomach cramps.

I tried to force myself to eat something, but I couldn't cope with the pressure. Novak and I were alone in the locker room. He has already played more than 30 Grand Slam finals and was far more ready to all that than me, although he certainly felt the tension as well."

"But he sat quietly and listened to the music on the headphones, while in agony I asked myself how I was going to play when I couldn't eat even two grains of rice. I remember my hands sweating, and when I started talking to my team, I felt dizzy," Beretini said.

Warm up

But the Italian also says that everything changed when he went on the field. "Suddenly it all breaks in you. Especially when you go to warm up. You feel a rush of adrenaline and a huge desire to win. You feel like you can win against everyone.

I said to myself, "You're here because you deserve it." But, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose ", Mario Berettini told his story. In the end, Djokovic won 3: 1 in sets and lifted the 20th Grand Slam Cup in his career.

It is the mentality of Djokovic that is at a much higher level than is the case with other players, and that is one of the reasons why he is so successful. Of course, with experience you become much mentally stronger and calmer under pressure, but Djokovic seems to have always been like that.

The big problem for his opponents is precisely his calmness and determination that brought him so many trophies. Maybe this is why his opponents get scared and lose the match before it starts.