Roger Federer inaugurates the new Lindt chocolate museum

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Roger Federer inaugurates the new Lindt chocolate museum

Recently, the famous company Lindt & Sprungli decided to create a new museum entirely dedicated to chocolate near the city of Zurich. Also present at the inauguration ceremony were President Ernst Tanner, the champion of Basel Roger Federer and Ueli Maurer, Federal Councilor.

“In the first part of the museum, we show visitors what chocolate can do,” explained Tanner. "It ranges from the harvest in Ghana to the entire production operation. Perhaps most Swiss people have never seen any of this ”.

Roger Federer's words

The special guest could certainly not be Roger Federer, sponsored for several years by Lindt: "The Chocolate House is a unique experience, I can't wait to come here with my children", said the former number one in the world.

The museum, which took about three years to build and which also houses a chocolate fountain almost ten meters high, could be visited by 350,000 people a year. The opening was actually planned in recent months, but the sudden Coronavirus emergency made it necessary to postpone it for several weeks.

“I don't need a memorial,” Tanner continued. “My monument is represented by everything that Lindt & Sprungli has achieved over the past 27 years”. Therefore, excellent news, in a historical period like the present one characterized by the greatest world crisis since 1945.

Federer, semi-finalist this year at the Australian Open, will only return to the field in 2021. The last edition of the Wimbledon tournament was not played: the Serbian Novak Djokovic will defend the title again, who won last season over Federer.

In the second half of September the ATP Tour will move to Europe for the season on clay-courts, postponed from spring. The Italian Open in Rome will be played behind closed doors and withouth crowds, and the title will once again be defended by Rafael Nadal, last year's champion over Nole Djokovic.

Then at the end of September there will be the Roland Garros. Meanwhile Boris Becker talked about Federer and the other Big Three: "I think tennis fans have always been divided between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, then Djokovic came as someone who ruins the party.

There are many aspects that he is criticized for and today he is once again in the eye of the storm after accidentally hitting a line judge at the US Open. He apologized first of all to the lady, apologized to his colleagues and took responsibility for his mistake.

None is perfect. Novak is a human being and human beings are never perfect. He plays with his emotions, this is one of his hallmarks, but when he gets too emotional he can lose his temper. We have seen him before and he we'll see again, maybe even the unrest related to his new association affected his serenity.

These things can happen. "