Ricardo Piatti revealed why he stopped coaching Djokovic

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Ricardo Piatti revealed why he stopped coaching Djokovic

By winning the Masters in Paris, Novak Djokovic raised the ladder of his own achievements and, according to another parameter, became the best tennis player of all time. Another Grand Slam is waiting for Nole to become elusive to all rivals and make the whole world take off their hat.

And this is how everyone wonders how Djokovic is getting better and better, and how some coaches managed to make him a complete tennis player without a flaw. The greatest merits belong to Martin Vajda, then to Goran Ivanišević, but Novak Đoković spent part of his career working with the famous Italian expert Riccardo Piatti.

It was in the early period of his career, when Djokovic was only 18 years old. Then, the Italian said that Novak would be on a par with Federer and Nadal. "It was in the spring of 2005. I enjoyed the successes with Ivan Ljubičić, who was with me from an early age.

I wanted to add some children to my team, a friend suggested to me that there was this little one" "He meant Novak. He was on the 250th place of the ATP list. I watched it live once when Marat Safin declassified him.

That tells you that you should not judge someone to early, "Piati said. He also revealed some interesting details from Djokovic's life. That is, the Djokovic family. "We were together for a year, maybe a year and a half.

I noticed that he always constrict his eyes when he goes to hit the ball. I advised his family to take him to an ophthalmologist. He was given medication. We broke up because I couldn't follow him. "


The Italian claims that he is not sad because of the parting, and that the circumstances were simply like that.

"His father asked me for total commitment. But I was loyal to my children and I could not part with them. In addition, there was another problem. Ljubicic is a Croat with roots in Bosnia, Djokovic is a Serb." "The war in the Balkans was just over, and disagreements were very pronounced in those countries.

The decision to let him go was the right one. I still dream of winning the Grand Slam." After all, Novak showed what a star and personality he is, and now we can freely say that he is the greatest of all time. It didn't look so great at first, which is enough motivation for young players to be aware that they have to fight for success and never give up.