Novak Djokovic is ahead of Medvedev by as much as 3,300 points

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Novak Djokovic is ahead of Medvedev by as much as 3,300 points

Even when he defeated the Polish tennis player Hubert Hurkacz in the semifinals of the Masters in Paris, it was definitely clear that Novak Djokovic will end 2021 as the first racket in the world. For the seventh time in his career, he will celebrate the New Year as the leader on the ATP list, which will make him unique, because he has shared first place with Pete Sampras in that segment so far.

He reached another record in Paris, the number of Masters titles. He reached the 37th cup and skipped Nadal, who is at 36. He continued to increase the record he holds - the number of weeks on the first position of the ATP list.

He started the 346th week at the top today. Until the end of the year, Novak has only two more challenges ahead - the final masters and the Davis Cup. "It is a great honor and pleasure to overtake Sampras, a role model from childhood, and end the year as number one in the world for the seventh time in my career," Novak Djokovic wrote on social networks.

"I am grateful and blessed to be in such a privileged position. It is difficult to fully feel the magnitude of historical successes while I am still active in professional tennis." "This achievement, like all others, was contributed by the closest people in my life and career, who selflessly gave their unreserved support.


ATP list

A new ATP list appeared today, on which the Serbian ace significantly increased his advantage over Daniil Medvedev, who was his last obstacle to the title in Paris. Djokovic had 800 points more than the Russians last week, and now he is running away from 3,300 points.

Novak increased his balance by 600 points, so now he has 10,940 in the leading position, and Daniil lost 1,900 and dropped to 7,640. After another great duel, the Serbian ace had only words of praise for his nine-year-younger rival.

"What I appreciate and respect about Daniil is his consistency, to be honest, and completely his own at all times. Original and authentic." "Regardless of the opinions of others, he represents his values ​​and takes a position that is characteristic of him.

When I see people who themselves and their nature and are constantly working on improvement, I know that they are about to succeed in their careers and lives." "I am looking forward to new meetings with Daniil. I am glad that another important rivalry for tennis was born," Novak Djokovic underlined.