Novak Djokovic: "I learned a lesson from the US Open"

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Novak Djokovic: "I learned a lesson from the US Open"

The third duel between Djokovic and Medvedev, the two really best tennis players in the world at the moment, and the second victory of the Serbian ace. Novak did not play from New York, he watched his wounds heal, and then after a break, he returned to the field for more than a month and immediately won the masters in Paris.

And that with the victory over Medvedev, precisely over that man who inflicted a painful defeat on him at the US Open. The failure in the Big Apple was a signpost for Djokovic before today's finals, in which he showed that New York is finished, regretted story for him.

"What a match, it was amazing, a fight to the last moment! I knew that I would need a lot of strength to win, to provide the best match." "I learned a lesson from the finals of the US Open, I tried to do everything necessary.

It looked flawless on my part ", Novak is satisfied with the triumph.


This season, he met Daniil only in three big finals, which speaks enough that the two of them were above the others. "This has become a really big rivalry.

We played three finals: the Australian Open, the US Open, and now Bercy. I hope we meet in more finals. I came here to take first place at the end of the year, I did it yesterday, so I didn't have much pressure in the final to have to win.

" But, Djokovic showed on the field that he cared about winning. He had a special reason for that. "It was special for me today, because my family was with me, my team. For the first time, both of my children are with me, that they watched the match together.

Great, sensational evening. I love you very much, Tara ", said Novak Djokovic to his daughter who was in the stands. Novak has shown his mental strength again and seems to be someone who will never give up. Djokovic never ceases to impress us with his performances as before, and shows why he is where he is.

With his games, he gives a strong message to all athletes in the world that one should not give up and that one should believe in oneself. Indeed, Djokovic is a phenomenon that will be talked about for a long time in the world of sports. Medvedev really should be congratulated, and he could be the legitimate successor of the big three