Novak Djokovic broke another record!!

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Novak Djokovic broke another record!!

It's over! Novak Djokovic engraved his name on another anthology tennis record. He got to where no one had ever been before. With the victory over Hubert Hurkacz in the semifinals of the Masters in Paris 2: 1 (3: 6, 6: 0, 7: 6), the best tennis player in the world mathematically secured first place on the ATP list at the end of 2021.

And this is the seventh time in his career that he ends the season as number one, which is a historic achievement. Until today, that record (six times the best in the year) Djokovic shared with Pete Sampras, but just as he broke all the records of the former idol, so now Novak has pushed the famous American into history.

And he added another great trump card for himself to discuss who is the greatest tennis player of all time. If that is more questions at all ... Hubert Hurkacz hoped that he could prevent Novak from reaching that record today, he even won the first set against the somewhat nervous Djokovic, who was annoyed that he was not succeeding as much as he would like to return the service of the Poles.

Hurkacz won the first set with 6: 3, but as in the saying, he only angered the wounded lion. As the masters of this game often do, Novak waved when it became hot under his feet. The second set was white sports poetry.
Hurkacz was blown away with zero (6: 0) and the psychological advantage before the final set was completely on the side of the best player on the planet.

End of the match

A break in the fourth game and a safe serve gave Djokovic a 4: 1 advantage, but the Pole managed to pull away and return the uncertainty. And quite large. He equalized at 4: 4, then saved the match ball in the tenth game and led 3: 2 and 4: 3 in the tie-break.

However, that did not disrupt the world's "number one". A little later than expected, but he reached the expected triumph - 3: 6, 6: 0, 7: 6 (7: 5). Challenge ruled that 17 minutes after Novak's first match, the ball fell out after Hurkacz's exit to the net and marked the end of the match.

Historic! Three Grand Slams, three sets until the calendar Slam, which no one managed for 50 and a half years, broke the record for the number of weeks on the throne, and then today's record - the seventh year on the throne at the end of the season.

A big, big year in Novak Djokovic's career. And it's not over yet ... In the fight for the Masters trophy in Paris, Novak will meet the better player from the match, Alexander Zverev - Daniul Medvedev.