Medvedev does not know if he will play in Australia due to vaccination

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Medvedev does not know if he will play in Australia due to vaccination

Who will play all of the best tennis players in the world at the Australian Open will largely depend on whether vaccination will be mandatory. Novak Djokovic is still weighing, he has not decided whether he will defend the crown in Melbourne.

The moment the organizers announce the conditions for entering the country and participating in the first Grand Slam of the season, then the best tennis player in the world will make a decision. It is similar to world number two - Daniil Medvedev.

The Russian tennis player reminded the public of last year's conditions in Australia and mandatory quarantine and pointed out that he would think carefully about whether he would play if vaccination was mandatory. A fake injury is also an option ...

"I want to play, but ... It used to be said that if you weren't vaccinated, you have to go through a 14-day quarantine. Now that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, so access seems easier." "We'll see who goes to Australia in the end.

You can you're hurt, not to go, which is sometimes ok. I want to go to Australia and that's all I have to say, "Daniil Medvedev said, as quoted by b92 Daniil Medvedev's wish to play in Melbourne is not disputable, but the Russian tennis player cannot guarantee whether that will happen.

"Whether it's a vaccine issue, a leg or head injury, anything related to medical things. Tennis is a brutal sport and any information you give an opponent can be against you." "If I play in Australia, everyone will know if I have been vaccinated or No.

That's why I said, I want to go, but I won't say you'll see me, you'll see it in January. "


The Russian also complained about the huge efforts in "white sports" The season lasts from morning to tomorrow, the break lasts only a month.

Practically no rest. "We are the only sport that plays 11 months a year. I can already play for my country on December 5, in the Davis Cup final, and on December 26 or 27 I should already be in Australia, preparing for the ATP Cup."

"Something like that. is extremely demanding for the body and head. After the Davis Cup, I will take a week off and then a two-week preseason to prepare for the Australian Open." "That is not the best preparation.

I could talk for hours about this and it would be good if we had a shorter season " Daniil Medvedev set himself a goal - to win three tournaments by the end of the year. "There are three more tournaments ahead of me.

I want to win them all, I know I can do it. Last year I managed to win Paris and the ATP Finals. It was wonderful, but nothing simple. There are players who come and are very strong, like Zverev or Novak who is always tough. "