Becker: "Djokovic is emotionally shaken, he missed a great chance at the US Open"

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Becker: "Djokovic is emotionally shaken, he missed a great chance at the US Open"

The epic race for the largest number of Grand Slams won continues. Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal are tied at 20 each. The Serbian tennis player could have skipped the two biggest rivals by winning the US Open, but ...

Danil Medvedev prevented it. In that match, Novak Djokovic did not show the game he normally has, and mentally it was as if he could not bear such a feat that awaited him. Djokovic, who is mentally one of the strongest tennis players this time, failed to achieve what he wanted, but given all the previous successes he has achieved, he should not be blamed for the defeat.

Boris Becker talked about all this in the podcast "Yellow Ball" Former coach of Novak Djokovic says that it is a big emotional problem for Djokovic that he did not win the title in New York. "I am the first to understand what a stressful situation with the media means.

I have such a case to this day. Novak understands what chance he missed in the US Open final." "If he won, he would overtake Federer and Nadal with 21 Grand Slam titles. For him, it is it was a big emotional problem, that what he wanted didn't happen, "Becker said.

US Open failure

There has been a lot of noise lately about whether the unvaccinated will be able to play at the Australian Open. Becker thinks that it will not be easy for Djokovic after the failure at the US Open, but that it will certainly be interesting to follow his games after all.

"I hope he will play soon. I think everything will be much clearer when he returns to work and starts playing in tournaments again. He seems to be very emotionally shaken by all these attacks now." Djokovic's somewhat strange relationship with audiences around the world is well known.

He is adored in many places, but there are also parts of the world where he is not a favorite. "The applause he received in that final in New York was a good sign for him, it should be clear to everyone that he is on the way to be loved by many at the end of his career."

"Respect for his game has always been present, but now many are emotional stand by him, ”Becker concluded. Djokovic will now have somewhat more difficult tasks, given that such a defeat is difficult for most athletes, but we believe that in time he will return stronger than ever.