Murray: "If I had been born 6 years earlier, I would have been more successful"

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Murray: "If I had been born 6 years earlier, I would have been more successful"

The British media have been pushing the thesis about the Big Four in world tennis for years, putting Andy Murray side by side with Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. Far from the fact that the tennis player from Scotland was to be underestimated, but in terms of success, he was and still is far in relation to the mentioned three.

Especially when he sat on the tennis Olympus, he became number one on the ATP list, but in that crazy race, playing every tournament to collect enough points, he completely broke his body. Murray is far from the top of tennis now, he is far, far behind the Big Three in terms of success, so in an interview for the Belgian RTBF, he was asked if he was sorry that his tennis career coincided with Novak, Roger, and Rafa.

"It's a difficult question. It is obvious, on the one hand, that I am sorry for that because I tell myself that I would have been more successful, that I would have won many more trophies if I had been born five or six years later."

"I would have a far better chance of getting the trophy. Again, on the other hand, I had the opportunity to play and challenge the best players in the history of this sport in the biggest tournaments," says Murray.

Biggest tours

The only thing is that he didn't have much success there ... "I played with Nadal at Roland Garros, with Federer at Wimbledon, with Djokovic at the Australian Open and the US Open, and I always reached the final."

"Even at the Olympics. Sure, I didn’t win all those matches, but I did some. Now I feel happy that I had the opportunity to play against them because I progressed through those matches, I raised the ladder of my possibilities high.

" As Murray's time has passed, so the time of the Big Three is slowly leaking. Andy commented on the qualities of the guys who aspire to climb to the top of tennis. "For me, Medvedev is the readiest to win on a hard surface.

He won the US Open, but even before that, his results on concrete were great. I think his game is more complete than the other younger players, only I'm not sure about the clay." "Tsitsipas is not bad at all, but there are a few other guys who can also reach the trophy.

When it comes to grass, it requires special qualities, it is a specific surface and there are not many specialists for it. Even Tsitsipas and Medvedev are struggling with it. " And, when it comes to the generations to come, Murray does not believe that there will be a new Novak, Roger, Rafa in them ...

"Only a few guys can now compete for the top spot. And, for a period of five to ten years, we will only see who will jump out, although I certainly think that none of them will be able to win 20 Grand Slams like these three monsters, "said Andy Murray.