Ashleigh Barty will not play the WTA Finals 2021

World No. 1 will come back on the court directly in 2022

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ashleigh Barty will not play the WTA Finals 2021

Ashleigh Barty has decided to close her tennis 2021 prematurely and to recover her energy in view of the next edition of the Australian Open. The world number one, as her coach Craig Tyzzer had partly anticipated, will therefore not participate in the WTA Finals at the end of the season.

Tyzzer, like many insiders, did not willingly accept the choice made by Steve Simon and immediately opposed the Finals in Guadalajara. "The tournament will be played in Mexico, 1500 meters above sea level with less pressurized balls, which when used in normal conditions do not bounce," explained Tyzzer.

"We have never played in such conditions and I think it's ridiculous. It will be a terrifying sight. We were told that the tournament would be played in Hong Kong, then in Prague and suddenly pushed out that it will be in Guadalajara.

It seems as if it were the last resort, it does not convince me as a choice to promote the best players in the world, for the final show in the top eight." The words of her coach have probably also influenced Barty, who in the last few hours announced her final decision.

The Australian said: "I am not willing to compromise my preparation for January. I wanted to let everyone know that she will not compete in any other tournaments in 2021, including the WTA finals in Mexico. It was a difficult decision, but I have to prioritize my body and my recovery from the 2021 season and focus on having a stronger preparation for the Australian summer.

With the ongoing challenges of traveling back to Queensland and quarantine requirements, I am not willing to compromise my preparation for January. I wish the WTA team and the players all the best for the WTA Finals and for the rest of the year." Barty therefore preferred not to leave her country, which has imposed many strict restrictions, and to prepare in the best way possible for the first part of 2022.

Ashleigh, considered the strongest tennis player of her generation, is the eighth player with the most weeks in first place in the WTA ranking. Over the course of her women's singles career she has won 12 WTA titles, including the 2019 WTA Finals and two Grand Slam titles: Roland Garros 2019 and Wimbledon 2021, winning both Grand Slams in Australia after more than forty years from the last time.

In addition, she boasts a semi-final at the Australian Open 2020, the first time for an Australian tennis player after Wendy Turnbull in the 1984 edition. Following the Parisian triumph and the victory of the Birmingham tournament on 24 June 2019, she pushes herself to the first position in the world ranking, the third Australian tennis player ever to succeed after Margaret Court and Evonne Goolagong.

In women's doubles, she has won 11 WTA titles, including the US Open 2018. She boasts fifth position as best ranking, reached on 21 May 2018. In mixed doubles, she won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.

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