Medvedev: "Novak deserved to finish the season as the first"

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Medvedev: "Novak deserved to finish the season as the first"

This year, Danil Medvedev stood in the way of Novak Djokovic's dreams of a calendar Grand Slam, but he failed to overthrow the world number one from the throne of the ATP list. The Russian tennis player was disappointed at the Masters in Indian Wells, where he was denied the opportunity to become the ruler of white sports for at least seven days by the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov.

The winner of the US Open, despite that, remained calm despite the fact that Dimitrov made a come back against him in the match in which he took the first set, and led 4: 1 in the second. "I'm not upset that I didn't become the first racket in the world.

However, the truth is that this is my first goal. I hope to succeed someday." "It is clear that Novak missed something, but this season he won three Grand Slam titles and played in the fourth final. It is fair he stays first, he has the most points, "Medvedev said.

Novak Djokovic

By the end of the season, Medvedev should play at the Masters in Paris and at the final tournament of the best eight, which will be played in Turin this season. "As far as I know, there are mathematical chances.

However, Novak deserved to finish the year first." However, Medvedev never hid his great desire to become the best tennis player in the world and remove Djokovic from the throne. "My main goal is to progress in every tournament and show the best tennis.

I want to win as many titles as possible, be first in the world and as long as possible in that position." "But you can't win every tournament in a row. It's impossible. The goal is to win what is more possible and constantly improving "

The Russian tennis player also shared his opinion about the passing of the "big three" "Someday the dominance of the 'big three' will pass by itself. I didn't decide that such a time would come, it is already visible.

Nadal and Federer ended the season too early due to injuries, they missed the US Open." "If we look at the last 20 Grand Slam tournaments. Most of the winners were from the 'big three' It will probably be easier for us because they are old.

However, Novak can beat anyone at the age of 34," Medvedev concluded. We have to agree with Medvedev and it really seems that the time has come for some new names