OFFICIAL: Only vaccinated tennis players can go to Australia!

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OFFICIAL: Only vaccinated tennis players can go to Australia!

There is no more dilemma and speculation when it comes to the first Grand Slam next season: Entry into Australia will be allowed only to those tennis players who have a certificate of two received doses of the vaccine against COVID.

The decision of the Federal Government was announced today by the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawk, stating that professional athletes will have the same treatment as all other foreign citizens who will come to the Fifth Continent when Australia opens its international borders in November.

"The health recommendations the government has received are clear. When we open the borders, anyone coming to Australia will have to be revaccinated." "Based on that, the government has set border regulations.

This will be a universal rule and will apply to everyone, including professional tennis players and all others who will visit Australia, "Minister Hawk told ABC radio. His announcement came just a day after the Prime Minister of the federal state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, announced that the unvaccinated would not be able to get a visa to enter Australia.

Andrews said that answering the question of the journalists about the statement of Novak Djokovic that he does not want to reveal his status of vaccination against COVID .

Hawke's message

The journalist of ABC radio also asked Minister Hawke "whether he has a message for Djokovic"

"No, I don't have a message for Djokovic, but for everyone who wants to come to Australia. You will have to be vaccinated," said Alex Hawk. Federal Minister of Health Gregg Hunt was also very direct, saying that the state will not make exceptions and concessions to anyone when it comes to state public health policy.

"The regulation will apply to everyone, without any fear or affection. It doesn't matter if you are 'number 1' in the world or anything else, the rules will be the same for everyone," Hunt said. Regarding Novak Djokovic, a different position was expressed by a member of the federal parliament, a member of the National Party, Matt Canavan.

He believes that the Serbian tennis player should be allowed to enter Australia, regardless of whether he received the vaccine. "These regulations are wrong and we should change them. I don't think that the different rules apply only to Novak, but to all people who, like him, passed COVID."

"If you had COVID, it means that you have acquired natural immunity and then you are okay, "Canavan told the Today Show television channel on Channel 9.