Petchey against Zverev: "His problem is not mental"

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Petchey against Zverev: "His problem is not mental"

In recent months Alexander Zverev seemed to have totally forgotten the old ghosts that had affected his career. The German tennis player is, both in terms of age and actual value in the field, the most promising (and ultimately winning after the Grand Slams) of his generation but no one forgets some sensational defeats that have characterized his career.

In 2020 Sascha went one step away from winning the US Open, but he completely stopped and suffered the winning comeback of the Austrian Dominic Thiem. One of Zverev's main problems in these moments is the service issue with the German number one struggling with several problems and double faults and these days the issue is back in fashion.

During the quarter-finals of the Indian Wells tournament where Zverev was now considered the number one favorite to win the tournament, Alexander went totally haywire against the American Taylor Fritz: ahead 5-2 and 40-30 with match points at favor Fritz won the eighth game but it's ninth that the old ghosts are back.

On the match point of 5 to 3 Zverev ahead with the service made yet another double foul of the day, giving up the service which was then decisive for the resounding comeback of the home idol. Former tennis player Mark Petchey commented on the matter via a Twitter post and said: "As much as people think Zverev's problems on the serve are mental, I don't think that's the case.

I think that he makes a mistake in his serve when throwing the ball from the right and this issue damages him further." Zverev's 2021 is still positive with the tennis player who has won several tournaments and obtained the best result at the Tokyo Olympic Games where among other things he obtained a great victory in the semifinals by extinguishing the Olympic hopes of the world number one Novak Djokovic with the Serbian in front of the first major defeat of 2021.

Rafael Nadal: "Here's what I'll do after my retirement"

In addition to Roger Federer, who has reached 40 years-old and will allow himself the last chances of winning important tournaments in the next year, Rafael Nadal also cannot avoid his first questions on the subject, considering the difficulties encountered in the 2021 season.

The Spaniard was and still is a great protagonist on clay, becoming the King of Paris several times (at Roland Garros), but in recent months he had to stop and give in to physical problems and some injuries, which forced him to stay away from the courts.

His big chance at the French Open to be the first to reach the number 21 as Grand Slam titles fell through in the semifinals, against the strong Serbian Novak Djokovic, who thanks to the victory at Wimbledon followed the Swiss and the Iberian with 20.

successes in the most prestigious events. Then the return announced in 2022 to fully recover the condition and the foot, after a brief participation in Washington. The 35-year-old recounted his adventures and past events in a long interview granted to the Number Web site.

The attention first focused on what the native Manacor champion does in his current free time. Rafael said: "I usually watch golf on television. Sometimes I sit on the sofa and it's dawn. I usually go to bed late when I watch golf, but at least I can sleep 5 hours.

It's a healthy hobby, more than going out for a drink was the answer to the question. When he says goodbye to tennis, everyone wonders what will become of Rafa:" I try not to think too much about my age. The day I don't feel fresh mentally and physically, I will retire.

Tomorrow I will continue in the world of sport. I'm not sure where, if it's always connected to this discipline or not, but I think I'll be involved in many ways. The truth is that I am not at all afraid of life the moment after I am no longer a professional player," he concluded.

When you start it is always difficult to stop. As for the Big Three, who have dominated the world tennis scene for many years, really beating all the fierce competition, the shadow or the first thoughts of retirement are already very frequent, especially for two of them.