Andy Murray: "Alexander Zverev is not my best friend"

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Andy Murray: "Alexander Zverev is not my best friend"

Speaking to the Daily Mail about his Indian Wells opponent, the German Alexander Zverev, the three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray (who lost against Zverev in that match), expressed about his relationship with German: "I respect Sascha.

He is a great tennis player who has just lived through extraordinary months, winning many titles and proving to be in excellent shape. Personally, I wouldn't say we're best friends. We don't talk much about the circuit.

As for the ATP investigation into Alexander Zverev, the only thing I can say is that it took them a while to do it." Murray then talked about his physical form: "It's not easy to play with metal hips, seriously.

It is not easy considering all the preparation that entails for games of this type. For me it is a great challenge to take the field and fight against one of the best players on the Tour." Andy concluded: "To be honest, I think I can go back to winning tournaments.

I know I have tennis to do well against the best of the Tour. Nothing has happened recently that has changed my mind, except for the game against Denis Shapovalov at Wimbledon, where I was far from my best tennis. For the rest, nothing has happened in the other matches that makes me doubt I will be able to win other titles."

Murray raised his last ATP trophy two years ago in Antwerp, Belgium, where he overtook Swiss Stan Wawrinka with a score of 3-6 6-4 6-4. Andy today occupies the 121st place of the official ranking.

Toni Nadal: "The return of Roger Federer? I said..."

During an interview with the microphones of Tennis Majors Toni Nadal, former coach and uncle of the Spanish champion Rafael Nadal, talked about the conditions of his nephew and the Swiss champion Roger Federer, stating that the return of the Swiss is much more complicated than that of his nephew.

Roger Federer turned 40 a few months ago and underwent his third knee surgery in a year in August, while Rafa's season ended early due to a foot problem. Toni appeared much more optimistic about Rafa stating that he believes in at least another two or three years of the Spaniard at high levels.

Here are the words of Toni Nadal: "I think Roger Federer is much more complicated because he is 40 years old. He has returned from several operations and I don't know if everything is okay. In the case of Rafael, on the other hand, I am sure that he still has another two or three years of good level left and I am convinced that he will still be able to win a Grand Slam title.

The reality is that every year it becomes more difficult for them and every year the youngsters seem closer." The last match played by Roger Federer this year was in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon where the Swiss champion gave up in front of the blows of the Polish tennis player Hubert Hurkacz, clear winner in three sets.

At the end of the match Roger commented: "I was really unhappy with how things had gone at Wimbledon, I was not where I wanted and certainly I was not at my highest level. I did my best in the end and alas I had reached my limit.

proceed step by step." Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are now in the final part of their careers. If the Serbian champion is still number and continues to grind record after record, a different situation for Roger and Rafa who in recent times are struggling with constant physical problems and the Swiss is now struggling with the twilight of his career.