Officially: Federer drops out of the Top 10 after almost five years

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Officially: Federer drops out of the Top 10 after almost five years

For a long time, the World Tennis Association saved Roger Federer, by changing the scoring system in the last two years, they kept him among the top 10 in the world, although he hardly played in that period, but now it has come to an end.

When the new ATP list comes out next Monday, after the Masters in Indian Wells, Federer will not be among the top 10. And that will happen for the first time in almost five years. The last case when the Swiss did not take a place among the ten best players in the world happened in January 2017.

The "culprit" that Roger goes to the "lower rank" is Hubert Hurkacz, who broke into the fourth round of Indian Wells and thus collected enough points to jump to position number ten and push the Swiss below.

It is not certain that Federer will stay there, since Jannik Sinner also has a chance to overtake him until the end of the masters. However, by the end of the year, Roger Federer will only fall on the ATP list, because he will not play any tournament.

And the question is whether he will return to tennis at all, it seems that retirement is closer than ever.

Frozen rating

In any case, if the ATP had not introduced a system of "frozen rating" in the previous 22 months, the Swiss would have been far, far from the top of tennis a long time ago, because he played only six tournaments in that period and did not become famous.

Therefore, as the world media state, it is only a matter of time before Federer will jump out of the top 100 and fall to the lowest rating in the last 20 years. It is interesting that the last player to beat Federer was Hurkacz, who now knocked him out of the Top 10, and that was at Wimbledon.

Since then, Roger has not appeared in tournaments. During his long career, the legendary Swiss ace won 20 Grand Slam titles, a total of 103 trophies, earned more than $ 130,000,000 from the tournament alone, and was first on the ATP list for 310 weeks.

The table without Federer in the top 10 will look unusual, but it is obvious that the Swiss will hardly be the same player with his return, which is not a miracle considering his age. We will see what decision Federer will make and whether he can still do something in the world of tennis

So far, he has shown many times that he can, even when everyone thought he was "done", so this time too he has a chance to show everything he knows, the only question is how much his health will listen to him.