Medvedev has a chance to dethrone Djokovic

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Medvedev has a chance to dethrone Djokovic

New Monday, and thus a new weekend in the column of weeks that Novak Djokovic spends on the tennis throne. Although he did not take the racket in his hands since the finals of the US Open, Djokovic is still the king of the tennis caravan, and today he started the 342nd week in the first place.

He left Roger Federer far behind, who ruled for a long time with 310 weeks, and it seemed that this result would be unattainable for a long time to come. However, Djokovic's first place is now more endangered than ever in the last year.

By deciding not to play in Indian Wells, the Serbian ace left room for Daniil Medvedev to remove him from the throne. Briefly. The decision of the World Tennis Association (ATP) on November 1 will erase the points that the players won at the last tournaments in Paris, Shanghai, Vienna and St.

Petersburg. Djokovic will have 10,340 points on his account on the first day of next month, and Medvedev provided he wins Indian Wells, would have 10,575 points and would become world number one for the first time in his career.

Medvedev has a chance

Only in that case, too, the Russian would stay on the throne for only seven days, because he is already losing 2,500 points that he won last year in Paris and London, while Novak will lose only 400 points.

Djokovic will also return to the pole position before the final masters, where he will fight to remain the leader of the tennis caravan at the end of 2021. And then the number of weeks in the first place would additionally stretch to a number that will be very difficult for a player to reach in the near future.

At least now it seems that there is no such thing on the field. All that, again, on the condition that Djokovic plays until the end of the year since there is no reliable information on whether and when he will return to the field.

The Serbian tennis player is listed as a participant in the Masters in Paris (November 1-7), although he was also on the list for Indian Wells, so he canceled his participation. Now, Medvedev has a great opportunity that he will try to use, but the question is whether he will succeed in that, considering that there are many tennis players who have quality. The pressure is on Medvedev this time, it will be interesting to see how he will deal with it