Toni Nadal: "It was always more complicated against Djokovic"

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Toni Nadal: "It was always more complicated against Djokovic"

Information says that they are on the same level, with 20 Grand Slam titles each. The game can always be discussed, as they represent different styles. And it will be difficult for the world to agree on who is the best of all time: Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, or Roger Federer.

The dilemma will last - from our point of view at least until the Serb wins another big cup - but it is interesting how the rivals of the 34-year-old from Belgrade view the threesome race. For example, Toni Nadal, uncle, and former Rafa's coach.

When asked who is the best in the big three, he answers by raising the Swiss to the pedestal. "If we look at the quality of the game, Federer is the best. It would be best to wait for everyone to finish their careers, only then will we see who is the best ", Toni Nadal points out during Marca's visit.

And he compares the ways in which his cousin had to fight great rivals. "It was easier for us to prepare matches against Roger. Rafa sent a little more balls to Federer's backhand side, which allowed him to gain a certain advantage."

"We started to apply that in 2006. And it was always more complicated against Djokovic, we never knew how to oppose him. When Rafa got him at the US Open in 2010, he asked me: "What should I do?" And then I said to Carlos Costa, his manager, who was sitting next to me: "We can only pray to God.

Novak was better at that moment. "


In the Western world, Djokovic is considered by the media, as well as some rivals, to be "a bad guy in the big three." Why? "First of all, Roger and Rafa started building a great rivalry first.

They both played in different ways. Then Djokovic appeared and. I have a very good relationship with Novak, he is a normal person, however, some moves on the court do not correspond to "number one" in the world of tennis.

" The numbers, however, suggest that Novak could soon be alone at the top of the list with the most Grand Slam titles. Especially having in mind that Federer is suffering from injuries and that Rafa is a year older, so it is logical for him to end his career before Djokovic.

Who can even win a trophy in the four biggest tournaments? "I think it will be a complicated job for Federer, because he is already 40 years old, and he has gone through several surgeries and I am not sure that they were successful."

"In Rafa's case, it seems to me that he has two or three more seasons left, and I believe that he is capable of winning another Grand Slam. The reality is that it is getting harder every year and that young players are making his path harder. "