Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer: "Together in doubles in 2022?"

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Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer: "Together in doubles in 2022?"
Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer: "Together in doubles in 2022?" (Provided by Sport World News)

The fourth edition of the Laver Cup ended with the clear success of Team Europe against Team World, which never won the event conceived by Roger Federer. Despite the important response of the public and the commitment of the players, this year tennis fans have not been able to admire the exploits of the Big Three.

Federer and Rafael Nadal are stopped in the pits due to injuries; while Novak Djokovic has not yet decided whether he will return to the field in this season finale or directly next year. One of the reasons why the spectators appreciated the Laver Cup from the first moment is linked precisely to the possibility of seeing the three legends team up and even play doubles together.

Impossible to forget the first match of the team called Fedal. The Swiss and the Spaniard in fact gave great emotions in 2017 by winning a hard-fought match against Sam Querrey and Jack Sock in the final super tie-break with a score of 6-4, 1-6, 10-5.

The following year, specifically in 2018, the fans instead witnessed another historic double: the one that saw Federer again as the protagonist, who however teamed up with Djokovic. The result was not the same as the Federer-Nadal duo, but nevertheless aroused the interest of a large part of the public.

To rekindle the hopes and dreams of tennis lovers, Nadal thought about it, who launched a curious proposal to Federer on Instagram. "Double next year?" Asked Nadal, directly tagging the Swiss. The response of the 20-time Grand Slam champion was not long in coming.

"Bringing the old Fedal back to London would be great." The reference to the fifth edition of the Laver Cup, which will be played in London, is clear. The tennis world will therefore be able to dream for another year of a new Laver Cup animated by two of the strongest and most popular tennis players in history.

Chardy: "I got vaccinated and I have problems. I can't play tennis"

The revelations released by Jeremy Chardy to the newspaper L'Equipe about his current physical condition are shocking and not very encouraging. The French tennis player has announced that his 2021 season has ended prematurely due to a series of problems that are holding him back at this stage: according to what was stated by the former player number 25 in the ATP ranking, the main cause is an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

The argument has always created controversy and confrontation between the various tennis players on the Tour, with several who did not take a position and others who initially challenged it and openly declared not to do so (some only later changed their mind).

A concrete example is the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas who, after much criticism of refusing to administer it, did not hide his intention to receive the serum before the end of the year. The 34-year-old underwent the administration of the anti-Covid serum between the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the US Open and the result over time was not effective: "Since I received the inoculation, I have more than one problem to deal with.

Consequently, I can't play tennis, I can't even train. I prefer to take more time to treat myself and be sure that, in the future, I will not have further complications." Jeremy continued the story about his schedule of missed matches and also remarked: "At the moment my year is at a standstill and I don't even know when I will resume.

So now I regret taking the vaccine, but I couldn't know. It is the first time that the idea has crossed my mind that next season could be the last." Chardy's performance in the period highlighted was not exciting, a bit like the rest of the 2021 tournaments: in fact, in Cincinnati he was eliminated in the qualifiers by the American Sandgren, while in the last Grand Slam competition in New York the Frenchman had tried to keep up with the Italian Matteo Berrettini, without succeeding (defeat in three hard-fought sets).

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