Simona Halep and retiring rumors: "Why are we talking about it?"


Simona Halep and retiring rumors: "Why are we talking about it?"

Simona Halep's last year and a half saw her as a protagonist above all due to injuries and a slow and inexorable decline in the standings, few victories and many physical stops for a tennis career that seemed increasingly complicated.

One of the biggest happy notes for the Romanian came from private life with the splendid wedding made this month while a few days ago the two-time Slam champion announced the end of the collaboration with her historical coach Darren Cahill, legend in this sector and in past coach of champions of the caliber of Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi.

Here is her social post: "After six wonderful years of working together, Darren Cahill and I have decided it is time to end our working relationship. Thank you for everything, for making me a better person and player." Both the recent marriage and this choice as well as the continuous physical problems have meant that in Romania and in general all over the world the media have discussed about the possible retirement of the Romanian champion.

Speaking in a recent interview, however, Halep is not there and she talked about her future: "I don't know why everyone is talking about the end of my career, at the moment she is not even close. I still have a lot of money to play and despite my injuries I never questioned the fact that I could stop playing and keep playing.

Now I'm in shape, I feel healthy and I think I want to play for at least another 3 or 4 years." Simona Halep was one of the first players to get the vaccine and recently spoke to the Equipe microphones about the situation that sees some of her colleagues still skeptical and in this regard she declared: "I respect all opinions, as long as there is no talk of conspiracies.

If you are a person who has a fair knowledge of what we can talk about otherwise maybe it is neglected to avoid. In the Tour I have the impression that there are many who are ill-informed on the vaccine issue."

Roger Federer updates on his knee injury

Although absent on the court, he certainly could not miss Boston to attend the fourth edition of the Laver Cup as a spectator and founder: Roger Federer becomes a protagonist in his own way in the United States.

During the first day he was greeted with a long and warm applause from the audience in the stands, as soon as the cameras found him and framed him, while a few hours before the last matches of the competition he wanted to talk about a couple of aspects to Jim Courier's microphones.

The Swiss champion is struggling with the long recovery from the new knee injury, which he had decided to undergo after Wimbledon and to abandon the idea of ​​returning to play this season 2021. The 40-year-old tennis player still wants to achieve important results in the ATP circuit and will try to do so in the next season, when he will try in every way to be super competitive again, at the level of his rivals.

The Basel native commented on his appearance at the event, which pitted as always the Europe team of Bjorn Borg and Rest of the World led by John McEnroe. He said: "I wasn't sure I could be there. In the end we thought it would be very nice and special to be able to do it without anyone knowing.

Everyone is happy to see me here. They wished me all the best. They don't even see the crutches, they just want to see good things and enjoy this weekend." As for the tennis played, he added: "So far in this tournament I have seen an incredible level, some great matches and all of this is wonderfull." Then he analyzed his current physical state: "We made a very difficult decision, because I had already had a couple of knee operations before last year.

I was really unhappy with how things turned out in London. I was far from my best level. Eventually this happened and I will have to go step by step. First of all I have to walk correctly, then run, take lateral steps, agility work and then I will start training on a tennis court.

It will take me a few months and then we will see how things go next year, but I have to take my time. I don't want to take shortcuts or anything like that. I want to make sure I can do whatever I want, with no particular rush. However, the worst of this injury is over."

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