Federer: "There will be someone who will overtake Novak, Rafa and me"

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Federer: "There will be someone who will overtake Novak, Rafa and me"

Novak Djokovic recently commented on social media that he, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer achieved an incredible result with 20 Grand Slam titles. He also added that none of the three of them will stop on that number ... "Look, he was obviously talking for himself.

He was probably under adrenaline when he said that, because he doesn't know where I am or how Rafael feels." "But he's obviously thinking well. I think he's had a phenomenal year again. It's going to be very interesting how the careers of the three of us will develop."

Most remember how the news that Federer had overtaken Sampras resonated. However, by all accounts, today's tennis players are even hungrier for success and their main motive is to break the records "It's amazing, to be honest, that the three of us are at 20 grand slams.

Wow. When I showed up, the Pistol (Pit Sampras) held the record with 12 grand slam titles, and later climbed to 14." "Then I overtook him in 2009, winning 15. That was obviously a big moment for me. I got him to Paris and then overtook him at Wimbledon."

"But I think others are thinking differently right now. I think all of us wanted to win and do even more ... "Federer commented in an interview for the British edition of" GQ "magazine.

New champion

The Swiss believes that the current record held by Novak, Rafa and he will not be eternal, as well as that the era of new champions will appear.

"I think it will. I feel that nowadays - I don't think I take anything away from Rafa, Novak or me - it's easier to dominate on different surfaces." "Yes, we used to have three tournaments on the grass, but the differences were smaller.

Then there were players who excelled on hard-cout, or on clay, but there weren’t that many tennis players who could play (equally successfully) on all surfaces." Federer gave the example of Borg but also finds it difficult to compare time then and now, when things are significantly different and when players have different goals "Of course, Borg did it first, but things were different.

Players didn’t chase a single slam for others and record for record like today. Now such a strategy is part of your career." "So the new amazing player will, I believe, eventually overtake our 20-grand slam streak - but not overnight, "Federer added.

There is a lot of potential among the new players, but we will see if they will be able to break records that are really phenomenal